Monday, July 16, 2007

Woo hoo!

It's Monday and I'm still home! My temperature has been about 98.7 all day and I haven't had any other real problems. I definitely feel weak, but it's manageable and Mike stayed home with me today just in case I had problems. He's been very helpful fetching me water and food and taking care of me. I do have to go to NIH, but just for routine bloodwork that I need twice a week anyway. I will have to wear a mask because I'm still neutropenic even though I'm home, but I'd rather do that than be in the hosptial. I hope my good luck progresses because if I can get to Wednesday, then I won't have to go to the hospital. My white counts usually perk up by Wednesday and I'm sent home on Friday.

Yay! Go, Doctor Wilson!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, hey, hey! Good to hear. Just being on anti-biotics always kicks my bohonkus. Add in chemo and I'd be on the floor. You're one tough cookie. Stay cool.

Julie B.