Friday, July 20, 2007

Walking Papers

I received my walking papers this morning, but they weren't sure at first. The lab provided all of the other numbers but my absolute neutrophil (ANC) number, which must reach 500 before I can be released. After the doctors came in for rounds, the NP returned an hour later to tell me my ANC was 1,200! My white cells must have had a big party last night. I silently told them to party when the nurse gave me my nightly GSF shot to increase my counts and the guys must have listened for a change. Yay, white blood cells!

This hospital visit was short and sweet - 4 days instead of 6. I felt lethargic on Wednesday and very weak on Tuesday when I checked in with a fever, but I rebounded Wednesday night after my oxycodone and felt really good yesterday, like I was ready to go home then. You know the doctors, they've got to wait for the lab results instead of listening to me so I had to wait another day. I was actually glad to see Wesley, my phlebotomist, this morning for a change. He was earlier than he had been all week and woke us up at 5:50am. I think I was sort of awake before he came in and flicked on the lights, but Mike definitely wasn't and awoke with a start. He fell back asleep pretty easily, though. :)

Drum roll please.......................ONE MORE ROUND TO GO! I have made it and the finish line of chemo treatments is very close in sight, with round six starting next Friday. I almost can't believe all that I have been through these past four months. I've been thinking lately about when I first found out and how the first round really knocked me out. I believe the second round was pretty bad too. Each round has had it's own unique qualities to "enjoy" but they have gotten easier, instead of harder as I had feared. I also learned to be more prepared each time and drink, drink, drink my fluids. This past hospital stay was the first time I actually ate from the menu instead of living off Boost and bioshakes. I only threw up once and it was probably my own fault for mixing a milky drink with acidic orange juice. I think I even gained either 1.5 pounds or 2 pounds, but I can't remember if I was 125 or 126 when I arrived. I'm now at 127.5. It's almost time to celebrate!

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Becky said...

Almost time? I say let's celebrate now! You made it through a round with little nausea, you're gaining weight, and a sense of normalcy will be upon you before you know it.