Thursday, July 26, 2007


As I near the finish line, I can't help but look back and be thankful for a few things:
  • Mike has supported and taken care of me without complaint. He picks up after me, makes sure I am eating and drinking properly, and takes care of Shelby's litter box. He is also planning a very special getaway for us when I get better. He's seen me at my worst and tells me that I'm a beautiful bald lady, even when I don't feel very beautiful. He's held my hand when the nurse had to stick me more than once to start the dang IV. He's also quite adept at giving me my nightly shot.
  • My parents have supported me throughout this whole ordeal. They've driven me to NIH numerous times, even on days when I could have driven myself. They've come over and cooked dinner for us. Dad calls almost daily to make sure I am okay, which is all he can do since he's still recovering from his surgery. Mom has given me a number of cancer books to help me figure out what is what and she's also been my sounding board for any medical issues I don't understand.
  • Michael has taken me to NIH and lunch a number of times, including the time we drove in his company landscaping truck and had to go through the commercial entrance! He's always late, but eventually I get there. LaShaunda has given me lots of good books to read.
  • Memom (Grandma Erickson) has calmed me down and talked me through my blood transfusions.
  • My relatives across the country have sent cards and letters to let me know how much they love me.
  • Cousin Gina came to visit and cooked fabulous Tex-Mex meals and let me beat her once at Mexican Dominoes. She also made me laugh really hard almost every day she was here.
  • Mike's family has sent me cards and gifts to let me know they are thinking about and praying for me. Aunt Shirley sends a card almost every month and sent me a very special gift yesterday of a WillowTree figurine entitled "Good Health" that I treasure.
  • Mike's mom and brother visited and helped out while I was in the hospital. Gail cleaned the house from top to bottom (and did the laundry!) They also gave Mike a chance to take his boat out for the first time this season. I hear they all enjoyed themselves at Lake Anna.
  • My neighbors have brought delicious meals for us to enjoy, including tonight when I hadn't figured out what I was going to fix yet.
  • My friends have sent chocolate, flowers, teddy bears, cards, and books. They've come into my house, taken my own pictures, and made a scrapbook about me. They've brought over lasagna, apple pie, homemade soup, custard, and other dishes. They've planted flowers in my front yard and in the flower boxes on my deck. They've made me laugh with funny emails and silly cards. They've sent scarves from Israel or bought some locally. They've also made themselves available for any emergency trips to NIH that I thankfully haven't needed.
  • Melissa has driven me to NIH, tried to distract me when the nurses had to stick me FOUR times to start my IV, given me pep talks when I am down, and babysitted me on nights when Mike went to play volleyball.
  • My coworkers have checked up on me and sent emails telling me they miss me and catching me up on things at the office. This is especially important because when I return in September, I will no longer work for Dimensions International, but for Honeywell. It will be a new company, but I hope to see a lot of familiar faces.

I am thankful for so much and grateful for all of the support, love, and prayers I have received over the past few months. I can't wait to be finally done with my chemo treatments and look forward to slowly returning to "normal." I also can't wait to see what my hair looks like when it does grow back (although I haven't missed shaving)! I'm really looking forward to playing volleyball, hiking, working out, doing my water aerobics, and finally learning how to waterski. Life is sweet.

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