Saturday, May 24, 2008

Triathlon Day

Tomorrow is the big day - the CapTexTri - Mike's big race he's been training for months to do. It's HOT down here in Austin and I hope he's acclimated enough for tomorrow because I'm nervous about something bad happening. He bought lots of Gatorade and water tonight so he is prepared. We went to his big pasta party dinner, which I thought was going to be about 50 people in the hotel but it was probably closer to 200 people! It was all of the Team in Training participants, not just his chapter. I should have thought of that, but it didn't even cross my mind. They pumped everyone up with pep talks and lots of humor about the Texas weather. Each athlete stood up to be recognized and they even asked for cancer survivors to stand too and there were about 10 of us in the room, including a little boy.

The final speaker was a 6 year non-Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor - stage 4. She was 22 when she was diagnosed. She had an awesome sense of humor and shared some of her experiences. While she was talking, I compared myself to her and how she went undiagnosed for months and could have died if she had waited any longer. I am so grateful and thankful that I caught it when I did because who knows what would have happened.

I am so proud of Mike and all of his training. He's staying at the hotel near the course and I called him a bit ago to wish him luck tomorrow. He's a little nervous and hopes he's prepared. He has to get up at 4am to get ready, but we're not so far behind as Gail wants to leave here at 5:30 to get a good spot. I agree with her and will just deal with being sleepy in the morning. My mom's complaining about the time because she is not a morning person. Tomorrow morning will be interesting getting us all out the door, but the most important thing is Mike's race.

GO MIKE, GO!!!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Praise Jesus!

That's what Mattie, one of the phlebotomists said when I told her about my good health. Keep in mind, it was before my CT, but it works for the test results too. My CT was CLEAN!!! Priscilla is gone and the doctor mentioned, "remission," but I'm still a little hesitant to use that word. It happened exactly as I had hoped, my NP Doug examined me and said my blood work was excellent. Dr. DunLeavy breezed in later to tell me my CT looked excellent and to say, "see you in three months." My next appointment is August 14th.

I was a little worried when Peru went to draw blood and said my veins weren't that good because I was dehydrated. I forgot all about chugging lots of water for the past couple of days. She got it okay, but I was really worried about the IV for my CT because it's a bigger needle. In the end, the IV was no big deal. I made a note in my calendar to drink water two days before my next exam. After she got the IV in, I sent Mike off to donate blood to the NIH blood bank because he can't come in during my CT anyway and the blood bank there is in desperate need right now ( NIH has a new CT machine and it's really quick. I was done in no time! I did have to wait a lonnnnnnng time in the waiting rooms to get the CT scan, but the scan itself takes less than 5 minutes now.

I also felt great afterwards, with minimal tummy upset. We had margarita pizza at Zios afterwards (my favorite) and then I went shopping to celebrate my good news. I also played volleyball last night and felt great. Tonight I'm volunteering for a couple of hours from 10-midnight at the Seneca Valley HS After Prom (my Alma mater). Robert's graduating early tomorrow morning in College Park and planning a full day of celebrations so I won't be able to stay all night at After Prom. I'm also hosting a jewelry part on Sunday at 3pm to raise money for my Relay team (so stop by if you're in town!). It's good to be busy - life does go on!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CT Scans

I forgot to explain about the CT scans in my last post. My 9 month checkup is THIS Thursday. Yes, two days from today I will be having a "delicious" barium shake followed by a fun IV and subsequent CT scan, which will reveal Priscilla is still dead and I can go on living it up. That's my vision, anyway. I do not plan to deviate from this vision. I will immediately follow up the CT scan with a yummy chocolate croissant from the Au bon pain in NIH's atrium. I am so looking forward to that croissant! Thinking about it certainly helps me NOT think about the rest of it, but I have not worried about this test at all. Now, talk to me tomorrow night around midnight when I'm lying awake staring up at the ceiling!

Mother's Day and CT Scans

Mother's day weekend was super busy for me, as usual. The weekend was the Jaycee spring convention and I went up there for Friday and Saturday night. No awards for me this weekend, although I did receive my certificate for winning a national award for a project I ran last year (yes, I ran a big project and won a national award AND had cancer. Take that, all you underachievers!). I already knew I won, but I received the official certificate. Friday night, Kelli and I snuck out of convention activities to hear a local band, Bob & Jeff who I used to see in college in nearby Towson. It turns out Mike used to see them locally in Rockville and knew Jeff's brother and Melissa also used to see them play in Rockville - when none of us knew each other. It was a good time, but I was ready to go back to the hotel by midnight because I get up at 5:30am and because I am OLD!

We spent Mother's day at my Aunt Carol's where her husband, Andy braved the rain to BBQ some burgers and 'dogs. The picture to the right is me and Grandma. She's 87 and is darn excellent these days. I was pleased to see she drove her pick-up truck over for the ocassion, although Aunt Anne drove home becaue Grandma realized she forgot her driver's license. Aunt Carol's cat had babies so we got to see the 1 month old cuties. They are adorable, but Shelby and Riley might be a little upset if we brought one home.

Mike's tri is only 13 days away. He met with his swim coach last night and is out there either running or biking right now. Last week he tried out his new wetsuit at the same pool where I do water aerobics and the ladies oohed and aahed over how fast he swam and how athletic he looks.

My Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society is 19 days away. I received another donation today and now I am about $9 away from my $500 goal. If someone doesn't donate, I will do something to push me over that edge. No way am I going to end up $9 short of my goal. If you want to donate - check out the link on this page. (hint hint)