Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Feel Like Busting Loose

It's Day 15 and my counts are on the rise even more to 1.3. The doc said it looks like I will be released on schedule next week. Wahoo!! My mood has improved drastically with this news. I'm really excited to see what news will be tomorrow. This is getting exciting.

Today my brother flew back from MD to see me and tomorrow Brian's brother flys in from in FL and Gail is coming from from Austin. We're going to have to manage all these visitors so I don't get exhausted.

Today the evil doctors gave me lasik, which makes me pee like a race horse. It's to make sure I don't retain extra fluid and believe me I don't on this stuff. Evil people! I think it's just about of my system.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day #14

Things are certainly on the upswing today. The nurse woke me up to tell me that I have officially ENGRAFTED!!! Meaning my WBCs have hit more than 0.5 at 0.6. I exceeded my own expectations and i can hopefully moving up until i hit the perfect which would signal my release. There could still be a couple of bumps, but things are looking up. I've increased my water intake because that's another condition for me to be released by the 19th. Woo hoo!!!! There was a collective happy dance here in Houston this morning.

I've also found a happy medium on medication that doesn't make me loopy or anxious so it's all good now. I also look forward to the neupogen shots that help me generate the WBCs I need. I'd take 2 0r 3 a day if i thought it would help!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day #13

Things are finally starting to look up. After having my counts make a minor jump from 0.0 WBC and then falling back to 0 for a few days, I wasn't doing so well. This place makes me stir crazy and I had a panic attack the other night - not pretty. I'm ok falling asleep but if I wake up, then I have to calm myself down all over. ABBA's Mama mia helps but I listened to it for nearly 4 hours the other night. However, I think my team has come up with a solution which involves Ativan every 6 hours through IV and then another sleeping pill only at night. We started it today and I already feel calmer.

The other bothersome thing is that my vision starting blurring the other day so I can't read, watch tv, play games, mess with my iPad or do much of anything which I'm sure didn't help the anxiety. We saw the Ophtamologist yesterday and they thought the vision would improve on its own as the WBC improved - so disappointed. However today, I looked up at the tv guide and could READ!! It's not perfect but I can watch tv and see the computer.

I've also had a good afternoon - took a couple of walks and found the exercise bike and i feel like i have a little more energy. What a good day in the end. Praise God!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day +3

It's been 3 days since my transplant. Cousin Liz is starting to feel better and I'm so glad. She felt like she'd been kicked by a mule in her lower back from the procedure. She is my hero for all that she's been through.

I'm doing well the doctors say. Today my voice is coming and going because of the chemo but I feel fine and I'm thankful for that. I spent the morning watching a movie on iTunes so I wouldn't have to talk. They're giving me cytoxin today and tomorrow (6am-9am!) to help my body accept the transplanted marrow vs reject it. The downside is that I'm requird to pee a lot to help get rid of the toxins from the cytoxin so I'm getting plenty of exercise going to the bathroom!

Oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It doesn't quite feel like New Years, but I did wake up around 11:40 last night to watch Carson ring in the new year. I'm hoping for a healthier 2011 for sure. Several people sent along New Year's party supplies so we wore the hats and took lots of picture (on Facebook). Fun!

Mike is napping since he was up late "partying" in the family room with my brother. They were up until 2am finishing a puzzle! Those crazy guys. I actually called him because I thought they might have left and found a bar somewhere.