Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CT Scans

I forgot to explain about the CT scans in my last post. My 9 month checkup is THIS Thursday. Yes, two days from today I will be having a "delicious" barium shake followed by a fun IV and subsequent CT scan, which will reveal Priscilla is still dead and I can go on living it up. That's my vision, anyway. I do not plan to deviate from this vision. I will immediately follow up the CT scan with a yummy chocolate croissant from the Au bon pain in NIH's atrium. I am so looking forward to that croissant! Thinking about it certainly helps me NOT think about the rest of it, but I have not worried about this test at all. Now, talk to me tomorrow night around midnight when I'm lying awake staring up at the ceiling!


Blair said...

>> Now, talk to me tomorrow night around midnight

Y'know, some of us are still up at that hour. And Gila's probably midway through her morning by then.

Do you really want a bunch of silly people calling you at midnight? 'Cause it can be arranged. :-)

WashingtonGardener said...

LOL - good thing I saw this a few days AFTER - 'cause I definitely am up at Midnight most every night and ready to make some fun calls :-)