Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Weekend

Mike gave me a beautiful "circle of life" necklace with diamonds on it for my birthday and a card that made me cry. I really wasn't expecting anything for my birthday this year because my main goal is to get through this and get better, so I really was surprised and touched by his gift. We went to PF Changs, a Chinese-American fusion-type restaurant with Dad, Michael, and Shuanda and were there for a long time because the service was so slow. The food was excellent and I managed to save room for some dessert.

I'm still home for now, but my temperature is starting to creep up to 99.8 degrees. If it gets to 100, I have to call NIH and then possibly head on over there. I was feeling a little weak, but I drank a Boost nutritional beverage and have enough energy where I feel like I can safely take a shower. You don't know how daunting it is to take a shower when you're weak and worried about passing out. I even have a shower chair for days just like this because I get really nervous standing up for even a few minutes. I'll take my temperature again after my shower to see if it's gone down. Cross your fingers...

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