Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No Relaxation for Me

I didn't get to relax as much today as I had hoped, but I ran some errands. I had to get to the grocery store because I was completely out of milk. I am trying to bulk up my fiber intake by eating steel cut oats (similar to oatmeal), but I hate waiting 30 minutes for it to cook on my stovetop. Cold cereal is a much better solution.

I also went to Starbucks because I am addicted to their ice cold chai tea lattes. That first sip is pure heaven - delicious and dreamy. I hear they are raising their prices by 9 cents per drink and I am greatly annoyed because I believe they raised their prices just last year. They have got to be making a killing in profits because their drinks are already expensive and now each beverage will cost 9 cents more. I used to go to Starbucks every day on my way to work and I haven't been there as often since I've been sick. I usually only go there once or twice during my good week. I don't know what I'll do when I go back to work - skip the Starbucks or increase my "entertainment" budget? What's a girl to do?

Tomorrow is my clinic day where I meet with my team to discuss the strategy for this next and FINAL chemo round. I think they will keep me on the antibiotics since they worked pretty well last time, but switch out the amoxicillan because I broke out in minor hives nearly every day. I told them when I was in the hospital that I could handle the hives because the antibiotics helped my other symptoms. I usually took a benadryl and the hives went away. I hope they keep me on antibiotics and maybe I can stay out of the hospital or repeat my short hospital stay again. I don't want any surprises on this last round and would prefer a repeat performance of round five. I'm not even sure how to feel on this last round. I am relieved that the end is in sight, but I also know I've got at least one more potential miserable IV stick in my future. Send your prayers my way for staying out of the hospital OR for having Okee be the nurse who starts my IV because she was so good last time.

I have a 7:30am appointment on Friday in Special Procedures so they can put my IJ line in my chest. I hope they don't have any problems like they did last time. There's nothing worse than laying on an operating-type table and hearing them talk about you like you're not there. Of course, I couldn't feel anything that they were doing since they numbed me up, but I could hear them talking. Not a good feeling to have. At least it's my last one, so I won't complain too much!


Anonymous said...

There are a few ways to speed up steel-cut oats. This page has instructions:

Blair said...

I'm curious (possibly a little skeptical too), is there any difference between oatmeal and steel-cut oats other than "$5 per box"?

I've always thought oatmeal looked disgusting and that's been enough to keep me from eating it. What makes this different?

Anonymous said...

I do the McCann's in the microwave. Super yummy, especially if you add a handful of coconut. (But I do mine on half power, because I like my oatmeal chewy.) There are also recipes out there for putting your steel cut oats in the Crockpot over night. But this would involve planning ahead, so of course I've never done it.

Glad you're getting close to the finish line. Just imagine the crowds lined up along your route, cheering you on, waving signs and handing you cups of Gatorade. You'll be breaking that tape in no time.

Julie B.

victory4angela said...

Steel cut oats have a different texture than oatmeal, maybe a little finer? The key is that these oats are soluable fiber so they will help with my stomach troubles (and add bulk to my diet). Dr. Byrd called steel cut oats "Irish porridge."

I really liked Dr. Bob's, but Safeway had some other brand that takes 30 minutes to cook. Dr. Bob's only took 20 minutes (and tasted better).