Monday, July 2, 2007

CT Scan Fever

I have my CT Scan this morning to determine how big, or hopefully how small, the tumor is now. I'm nervous/anxious/excited. I'm mostly nervous about the IV, but am anxious and excited to hear about the results. I hope Priscilla, my tumor, is the size of my pinkie nail or totally gone.

Mom's taking me today and she's actually here on time!


Anonymous said...

Crossing the proverbial fingers. Please post the results once you have them.

Die Priscilla, die!


Blair said...

I second the motion. Die Priscilla, die!

(Is it bad that I recognize the title for this post as a Ted Nugent song from 30 years ago? I suddenly feel very old...)

Becky said...

I third, so the motion passes. Die Priscilla!!