Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Things I Think About

Here's another picture of me from the Fourth of July enjoying some tasty watermelon. I'm all decked out in my patriotic bandanna that Brian and Gail so thoughtfully bought for me to wear on the holiday.

I had a crazy night last night with lots of hot flashes and wacky dreams. My dreams from April and May were mostly dark, sad dreams that seemed to be what I thought about as I was sleeping and wishing this terrible disease had never happened to me. Last night I noticed that my dreams aren't quite as dark and I'm relieved and happy to see that I can have some decent dreams now. I dreamed that my brother and I were at the grocery store together and we we were mad at each other for some stupid reason. At one point we were chasing each other down the aisle and I got hit in the back. I thought he threw something at me and woke up only to find that it was Mike! He rolled over in his sleep and elbowed me in the back - youch! I thought about the dream with my brother and that's when I realized that it was just a crazy dream and not dark or scary or sad. I felt relief in knowing that maybe my subconscious mind is starting to tear away from some of the dark thoughts. I really thought I'd never experience a "light" dream again and last night gave me hope.


WashingtonGardener said...

I love that photo! And the watermelon looks so red and yummy - I need to run out and buy some before this summer is over. It flies by so fast!

Any birthday plans for tomorrow? What is your schedule like - say next Tuesday afternoon? I'm just recovering from my trip to Minneapolis (I'll send you a link to my 90+ trip photos) and would like to fit in a visit - maybe we can do a a little garden sprucing if you like or need that.

victory4angela said...

Next Tuesday is truly my bad day - it's my NADIR day when my white counts will most likely be at rock bottom. Last time I NADIR'd, my white counts were 11 and on a good day (last Monday) they were 55,000. I won't be going anywhere and I hope I will be HOME - not NIH. I'll have to call you Monday and let you know where I am, but I may not be up for much company on Tuesday.

I'm going to try dinner out for my birthday tomorrow if I still feel good. The plan is PF Changs because I think I can handle Asian food.

Were you there when Prince had to shut down his concert at the club? I had a feeling you'd be there when I read about it in the paper.

WashingtonGardener said...

Yep, I was there - the papers exagerrate as usual - I'll fill you in on the whole story when I see you - maybe Wednesday will ork better - Have a great birthday & talk to you on Monday.