Friday, July 20, 2007

Drivin' My Life Away

Kathy and I were talking on the phone this morning while I waited for my chauffeur to pick me up from the hospital. She had visited yesterday and I had asked her if she had watched the silly, fluffy show about Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham's arrival in Los Angeles. I admit I watched it because I was curious about her and I like train wrecks. It was bad and silly, but Posh was slightly smarter than I gave her credit and I was slightly intrigued by some of her behavior. Posh got caught driving with her Spanish driver's license and had to take the full driver's exam at the MVA. I was actually amazed that a city as large as L.A. makes its citizens take a written exam when I took a computerized version here in Maryland back when I was in high school (many moons ago). However, it was pretty funny watching Posh take a written exam and cheating by asking her personal assistant some of the questions - she got caught by the exam reviewer though, but didn't get into much trouble. She passed the exam and was issued a California driver's license, however, poor Posh stuck with the photo they took and she wasn't too happy about it.

Anyway, Kathy mentioned that Maryland now gives you the option to pick your driver's license photo from either three or five pictures and I was surprised because when I got my last license I didn't have the choice. She urged me to check the expiration date on my license and I found that it expired on my birthday earlier this month. Great, of all the years for it to expire, it had to expire this year when I have no hair. I'll probably go to the MVA Express on Tuesday (never go there on a Monday) with my wig on and plead my "cancer card" if they give me trouble for driving with an expired driver's license. It'll be weird looking at my driver's license when my hair does grown in because it won't look the same. I'll also have a constant reminder in my wallet of this year. Hmm, on the positive side, my license will expire in five years and that's how long it will take me to be considered "in complete remission" if I have no relapses between now and then.


WashingtonGardener said...

After visiting yesterday and seeing you enjoying the mashed taters and carbs meal - I went home and popped in a micro-meal with Chicken Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes + white gravy, and corn - does that qualify me as a Redneck?

Glad we at least caught that license thing before you got too far into the year driving illegally.

I'm betting they have your old ohoto in the computer and also that you MIGHT be able to talk them into re-using it. If not, you can always "lose" it once your hair is back as you like it and have a new one done -- of course that'll cost you like $50 or so for the replacement :-(

Have a good weekend back home again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Angela if you get any grief about the license stuff between now and when you go the the MVA give me a yell. I will have Pete take care of it. He would not do it for most folks, but he would do it for you. :)

I hope that you have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

To Mirror washingtongardner: There is now an option that if you got you picture taken the last time that you can just request a new one without getting a new picture. I think you can even request it online. That might be an option, not sure if you can do that if it is expired however.

Check it out and good luck!

I hope things continue to go well.


Anonymous said...

You may not need to get a new picture. You may be able to use your previous driver liscense photo. That is what my mother did because she liked it so much. (That was in New York State).


Blair said...

Perhaps one of us could submit a photo on your behalf? That'll save the state some trouble taking the photo (and they rarely do a good job of it anyhow) and it'll save you the trouble of going through the lines at the MVA. (Yeah, I know there's an MVA "Express" office near you, but my experience is that "Express" translates as "four hours instead of twelve.")

And I'm sure some of your friends could come up with good pictures.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame you already got your picture taken. I was thinking you could have done as Blair suggested, and let a friend substitute one for you. Like, say, the classic elephant thong.....