Friday, May 11, 2007

Un-dizzy Blonde Now

There is no cure for the dizzy blonde, but maybe a temporary fix? I'm glad to see that Mike is searching for a cure because there are others out there who really need to find the cure.

I'm back from "hydration" and feel much better. My "limo driver" and his new wife, Shaunda treated me to lunch and I was really hungry after spending most of the day at the doctor's office. One negative about the local doctor is that they don't have a machine to program how fast the drip goes and it took about 4 hours to complete 2 liters of saline. I wasn't prepared to be there that long so I didn't bring any snacks, but I brought plenty of books and magazines. My white counts are excellent today (29,000) versus 200 when I was in the hospital and I'm excited about that, especially going into the weekend. I must still keep an eye on my temperature over the weekend, but at least I'm starting off with a high number.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you will spending the weekend at home. Feel good!


Blair said...

Thanks for the good news update! Lots of folks have been asking about you this weekend.

I think they just maybe like you. :-)

Brent said...

Yes, thanks for the good news!!!

We are all missing you this weekend, but are happy to hear that things are improving.

But to expand upon Rialb's (I mean, Blair's) comment, we all love you. :-)

We also love Mike, you are an amazing husband and a vital part of an amazing couple!!!

Anonymous said...

Sunday morning here--back at the office (Sunday is a workday for us).

Just a brief note to say:
1) Hope your white cells are still staying nice and strong and that you are having a good weekend

2) That you totally spoiled my weekend! I was supposed to (finally) start volunteering last Thursday. And of course, I had to cancel because of work. So then I spent all weekend thinking to myself "Angela is writing all this stuff about meaningful life and helping people and making a difference and all that crap, and here I am, doing nothing, thinking only of myself and whining about how many problems we have here in Israel without actually doing anything about it." And "Angela does so much volunteer work--even if (has v'halila-G-d forbid), G-d were to take her tomorrow, look at how much she has done". And "Did G-d really save you from the bombing so you could spend all of your time at the office". And it went on from there.

So it was a pretty wretched weekend, let me tell you.

I am going gleaning for Shavuot, come hell or high water.

I should point out, before you feel guilt over my sad weekend, that in the long run, this is (I hope) a good thing.


Sue said...

Angela & Mike,

You were greatly missed this weekend and lots of folks are sending you both positive thoughts and plenty of love. I also have a few items to pass on to you from your admirers.