Thursday, May 17, 2007

She's Won a Ticket to Ride!

I'm going home-white count just hit 760 and my absolute neutrophils are 502. I'm skating out of here just barely as the threshold for neutrophils is 500. Gotta go pack.

Songs about modes of transportation for your amusement:
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Magic School bus
  • Little, Red Corvette
  • Mustang Sally
  • Little GTO
  • Sloop John B (Mike has a boat. I can choose a boat song).
  • Greased Lightning
  • Little Deuce Coup
  • Leavin' on a Jet Plane


Becky B said...

I drove by the hospital this morning, and waved to you. Did you see me? It was at about 9:30. Great news that you're going home... now you'll get to toss your cookies in your own toilet, and we all know how much better that is than a strange one.

Seriously though, keep up the healing, and start drinking some weight gainer as soon as you can keep more stuff down. You can't make white blood cells unless you're putting the raw materials into your body (yes, I'm a nag)!

Hope to see you soon!

Jeff said...

Hey Angela. Glad to hear you are headed home or are already there.

I know you've been struggling with keeping down food, so I was talking to Sam from the gym who is going through chemo as well and she suggested this blog for ideas of what to eat -

Most of the things people eat are strange, but the theme seems to be comfort food or things that you'd love before treatment.

Hope that helps, and I'm going to call to see if I can stop by briefly tonight.

Blair said...

Glad to hear you're hear you're headed home, that's what I've been wanting to hear all week! :-)

Sue said...

There's no place like home, right?

I also waved at you the last couple of days while my bus passed by. Except this morning I was on the Ron David Special so we both waved. Ooooh - you so lucky - having the top male model from Holy Cross Hospital cheering you on (ask Nancy).

Here's hoping your appetite improves along with your ability to stay out of the hospital!

victory4angela said...

Seriously, I'd rather toss cookies in a hospital toilet because they clean theirs more often than I clean mine and I clean mine.

Everybody wave: Sue, Ron, and Becky as you travel by on Rockville Pike.

JEFF-Thanks for the website. I've been looking for something on nutritional information.

BECKY-Not sure I can have the protein powder. My NP said no, but I have a few other registered dieticians to ask. With my "D" problems, they don't want to risk anything upsetting my tummy.

ALL-I'm still tired from the hosptial so tomorrow might be a better choice for visitors.

Jacki said...

Don't forget "Magic Carpet Ride".

Blair said...

Also "Life is a highway" (not exactly about a vehicle directly, but a good song anyhow).