Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Day

I haven't posted in a while because I think I've been to hell and back. Yesterday was probably the most miserable I've ever been with problems at both ends - trouble eating and trouble keeping food in my stomach. One side effect of all of the chemo drugs is that I have developed mouth sores and they are usually small lesions that can be painful or just annoying. My entire mouth hurt yesterday and felt like I'd licked sandpaper. It didn't matter too much since anything I did manage to eat just went right through me as quickly as it went in my mouth. Food and liquids also tasted horrible, which made it really hard to eat. The worst was that I didn't feel hungry. I felt nothing at all and I didn't think I'd ever feel hungry again. I had a small glimmer of hope when I ate a small potato roll and an image of a nice ham sandwich with mustard on said potato roll popped into my head. However, eating anything yesterday was not meant to be.

I'm feeling better today and started off my day slowly with yogurt, moved on to jell-o, and am now enjoying a strawberry Boost. I have managed to keep everything in me with no problems. I have hope that I will eat a lot more today, even though my mouth is still sore. I will have to work around that somehow. Sophie made me some of her home-made French pureed vegetable soup that she insists must include some whipping cream. I will have to send someone to fetch me the cream because I think I want it today and I need the calories.

I am hopeful that tomorrow will be even better.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angela!

It is well into tomorrow here (12PM) and am hoping that it is a good day for you. Sorry to hear about the rough weekend.

On a completely different note, if I gave up my chocolate chip cookie recipe for the cause, shouldn't Sophie be posting the veggie soup recipe? :)

Of course, she can make you the soup, and I cannot make you any cookies. But then, I could make myself the soup and think about you when I eat it, right?


Ron said...


FYI, I don't know it's been mentioned but Barb made the cookies and they were awesome! We have a new cookie to make now. You were also right that they made a ton!

Hopefully Angela ate some after we brought them by. I know she ate one for sure!