Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Shopping Cart

I like/hate shopping these days. I hate that I don't know what to buy because I don't know what I'll be able to eat and I end up shopping like I'm a teenager. For example, today's purchases included: Klondike bars, Ben & Jerry Cinnamon Bun, yogurt, English muffins, Edy's dreamcicles, pudding snacks, jello snacks, cheese, Marie Callender frozen meatloaf, frozen cookie dough (for noshing only - I'm not baking cookies), and bananas. Since I was at Safeway, I stopped at Starbucks on my way out and had a Strawberry Creme Frappachino - whole milk with whipped cream. Not exactly healthy, but food I can eat these days. I'm also going for high calorie foods too. I should be eating healthy, but I'm just happy to be eating anything.

This morning I had a massage. I'm trying to be good to myself when I'm feeling well and this was my way of treating myself. I think I fell asleep too. I won't be able to get a massage before my next chemo cycle, but rumor is that my cousin will be visiting and that's waaaaaaaaay better than a massage.


pwaddell said...

Isn't fun getting to eat what you want to....Sounds like your having some fun!!!

Kate said...

I'd fallen terribly behind in reading your blog posts, but an hour later, I'm all caught up. Work be damned! ;-)

I love your "teenager's shopping list." That's EXACTLY what a teen would be... little of this, little of that. Hey, whatever you can keep down wins! You have plenty of time to eat healthy after Priscilla is gone.

Re: Mike's boat... waterskiing rules!! I have faith that next year you'll be up for longer than 3 minutes or whatever your last record was. Something to look forward to anyway... a minor goal compared to this present one!

Missed ya at After Prom, but hope to see you soon! Keep on keepin' on and writing funny shtuff. :-)

victory4angela said...

Thanks for the confidence, Kate. I was up on skis for about 3 seconds last summer! If I can make it 30 seconds, I'll be thrilled!

victory4angela said...

Paul - you got that right! I'm going out to dinner tonight to enjoy my last night of "food freedom" before tomorrow's chemo day.

Mom said...

Looks something like my shopping cart when I'm looking for treats for you during the "bad" week!!! I'll keep on searching for new and better things that might work.