Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let's try this again

Thanks to Blair, I now have a picture of me climbing in the right direction: up not sideways.
Thanks, Blair
I'm off to NIH this morning to meet with my Irish team. They'll draw blood, weigh me, take my blood pressure and my temperature, and otherwise inspect me to see how I'm doing.
Tomorrow is ROUND THREE and I suppose I should be "happy" since it's the halfway point, but I know what lies ahead in the next week. Ugh. Oh well, this will all help get rid of Priscilla. I want her evilness banished from my life and FAST.
Gotta run, don't want to be late.


Gary said...

Hi Angela,
This is Gary. We met at the hockey game last winter. I spoke with Mike and he said you were doing good. Thats Great! Keep up the good work and Sara and I pray for you all the time. Get well soon, can't wait to hit up another game or two this winter. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers and I'll contact you after your next treatment. Keep fighting OOh RAHH. Gary and Sara.

Blair said...

When they filmed the 1960s Batman TV show, there were a number of episodes where Batman and Robin would use the Bat-ropes to climb the side of a building.

To film this, they ran a rope across the stage, slightly below waist-level. Batman and Robin would then "climb" by pulling themselves along the rope and halfway across the stage the celebrity performing the cameo-of-the-week would pop out of a trapdoor/window and casually strike up a conversation with the famous crimefighters.

This was all filmed with the camera turned over on its side, so that when it was shown with an upright projector, it looked like they were performing a feat of great skill in climbing a skyscraper.

I wonder how many times they messed up the filming and accidentally had them climbing down the building instead?

That's what first came to mind when I saw the original photo... Turn the photo on its side and it looks like Angela's climbing a wall when in reality it's actually a photo of Angela doing push-ups.

The pair of legs in the background of someone just casually walking across the stage instead of assuming the proper "crimefighter climbing a wall" posture just reinforces this silly notion.

I know next week's going to suck for you, but I'm very happy to see you reaching the halfway point.

And hey, you're a very impressive crimefighter. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with Round three. Almost done with the half-way mark. Get through this one, and you will be closer to the end than the beginning--always encouraging!


Brent said...

Hi Angela,
Best of luck with Round 3, continue to kick Priscilla's butt!!!