Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I don't know if I've shared my total weight loss since I was healthy, but I've lost 20 pounds since my last weigh-in last week. I'm feeling much better today, which is why it's critical that I eat really well this week and eat lots of calories. Sue and Steve helped by bringing over lots of soup and Jimmie Cone ice cream earlier today. My mouth is still a little bit beat up and I'm eating softer foods until my mouth gets back to normal. I have noticed that food does taste different, but I'm hoping that's because my mouth is sore. I've heard that chemo changes the taste of food, but I hadn't experienced it until now. My parents brought me a sweet potato from Lone Star, where they had lunch today with a friend, and it didn't taste as good as I remembered. I just hope everything will return to normal when I am done when all chemotherapy.

I'm looking forward to the next few days simply because I know I will feel better and partly because I have a massage on Wednesday. After I find out the results of tomorrow's blood work and if I'm no longer neutropenic, I'm going to do something I never thought I'd do: call and make an appointment for acupuncture. I've heard that acupuncture can help with the nausea and I'm hoping it will help will my stomach issues too. I figure I've been poked an prodded plenty lately; what the heck, try acupuncture. I've got to do it this week, though because Friday I will start round three.

Mike brought his boat home from a friend's house on Saturday and he, Nancy, and Ron helped get it ready for the season. I'm a little sad because I most likely won't be able to join Mike on the boat this year and continue figuring out how to water ski. I want Mike to take it out as much as possible and have fun with friends, even if I'm not there. I'll be back on board next year, you can count on it. He loves his boat and we've taken it out a lot since he bought it last year. We mostly cruised up and down the Potomac, since you don't want to swim in the water. We also went tubing with his family at Lake Anna and I was up on water skis for about three seconds at Smith Mountain Lake with Eric's family. Ahh, the memories.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

Okay, forgive this perverse, twisted comment, but I was reading the "20 pounds lost in a week" thing and thinking DAMN! I have to lose 30--that would be 2/3 towards my goal!

I told you it was perverse and twisted, no? I should point out that "you catch me" sitting at my desk, eating a salad for lunch in another (probably futile) attempt to go on a diet and lose weight so that maybe someday I may actual attract someone and go on a date. (Went to a wedding yesterday--they always leave me rather desperate and sad about the dating thing).

As for the boat/etc--you are, in effect, "losing" part of a summer. Which sucks--there is really no way around it. Plan lots of fun autumn and winter activities to make up for it! Try to think of something that you might not have done otherwise i.e.--travelling to the Carribean and working on your water skiing technique (or lack of same, as the case may be) there. Acknowledge the loss, and then make up for it.

Incidentally, while you are fattening up, now and over the next several months, please have the following for me:

Ben & Jerrys (they have it here, but it is not as good)
Ethiopian food
Pizzaria Uno pizza and onion rings
Mexican food (quesadillas, cheese enchiladas--all doused with mounds and mounds of sour cream and guacamole)
Chinese food -preferably the fried variety-maybe General Tsao's chicken.
Bacon cheeseburger

All of the above, save the bacon cheese burger, are foods I miss since I moved here. The bacon-cheeseburger is what I miss since I started keeping a bit more kosher. I thought I would toss it in for good measure.


Luke said...

dude! 20lbs?!?!?! you didn't have that to lose in the first place!

here's my think, you need to start eating the most fattening disgusting combinations of food ever. like for example bacon and ice cream or those KFC stacker bowls that has every item on their menu in one bowl. or you could get a large all meat fatty pizza and roll hotdogs in it, deep fry it, add a refried bean layer and wrap that in a torilla shell! that'll pack on the weight!

or stick with the 2,000 cal. shakes. but what fun is that?

it's an opportunity to eat the grossest stuff possible, embrace it! even if pricilla keeps change'n your taste buds around, she'll be knocked sideways with the ice cream bacon combo.

strategy girlfriend! ;-)

Blair said...

Ice cream and bacon? I tip my hat to ya Luke, you're even more demented than I am!

All I was going to suggest was that Angela might be one of the few people who actually should go to the fair and chow down on the deep fried Snickers/Oreos/Twinkies.

Yes, I've seen booths at the local fairs selling all three. Haven't felt the urge to try them though. Not nearly that demented.

Anonymous said...

Deep fried oreos? Oh no. That is just wrong. Someone should be sued....


WashingtonGardener said...

How about deep-fried Snickers or Almond JOys? Just sinful. BTW I heard there is a bacon-flavored ice cream -- too gross, but maybe right up your ally - if you can handle it.

victory4angela said...

Sorry guys, but the doc says to stay away from the fattening food because it tends to add to my already-sensitive digestive problems. In other words, I don't need to run to the bathroom any more than I already do.

I could use some Mexican, but it might taste funny right now. :( I hope my taste buds return.

Luke said...

Blair-- yeah dude deep fried anything is goooood! but you gain 5lbs with every bite. it's almost worth it.

Angela-- sucks you can't eat all this fatty stuff! how about tofu?! that has NO taste and is pretty good for ya. you can put that in burritos and such. speaking of which, that's what i'm gonna have for lunch! yay!

hope all is well! punch pricilla a couple times for me today. she's a jerk.

Blair said...

So to summarize:

Deep fried and fatty == BAD

Tofu (albeit with no taste) == GOOD

So does that mean deep fried tofu would cancel itself out? :-)

Becky said...

At least while you're losing weight, Priscilla is losing weight too! And since she weighed so much less than you to begin with, she will disappear into nothing long before you do.

I knew you could kick her ass!