Friday, May 25, 2007

If you Like Chemo Coladas...

Today's title is a throw back to the 70s. Think back to that classic tune, but just change the lyrics:

"If you like Chemo Coladas, and gettin' caught in the rain
If you're not into yoga, if you have half a brain..."

Yep, I started round three of my Chemo Colada this morning and slept most of the time, as usual. I'm just now waking up a little bit, but I could use another nap (after I eat my Ben & Jerry's). I hope Priscilla enjoys her Chemo Colada cocktail and shrinks a whole bunch more - drink up, sister!

I ran into my "buddy," Steven and another guy who both have lymphoma. Steven's on the same cycle of EPOCH and we exchanged war stories. The lucky duck only ended up in the hospital after round one. He was surprised I was in the hospital both times. I only hope I model Steven on this round and stay out of the hospital. The other guy, Ryan - I think, has been off and on various chemo regiments, including some I've never heard of before. He worked for a company that handles chemicals and worked there for 11 years. He's trying to file workman's comp, but the company is claiming that his handling of the chemicals has nothing to do with the cancer. Ryan is five months younger than me. He's got lawsuits going and still has debts from his previous chemo rounds. He's not on my protocol and is doing something different. I hope he gets cured this time. His tumor is so large, they can see if from outside his body. He had a ton of tests yesterday and today. I hoped to say goodbye to him, but I didn't see him when I left.

I was glad I ran into Steven and Ryan before my turn in the special procedures room. They really took the anxiety and the edge off of my getting the IJ line put in today. It was also nice talking to people who have been through it and are going through this with me to exchange stories and discuss different medical treatment options that I can bring up with the doctor.

I'm home now and will probably take a little nap. I'm hoping to go to a Jaycee get-together tonight. It'll be fun! Have a happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone. I'll be getting chemo coload pit stops all weekend.


rhodges said...

Ok cuz here comes your massage it is coming closer & closer.
GET READY! Love ya R

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to say "hi" and hope that Round 3 is going well, and that you are not feeling too wretched.

Oh, and that you are enjoying your massage!