Sunday, May 6, 2007

Good for the Soul

I finally felt well enough to attend church this morning and it really was just what I needed, although every little thing brought tears to my eyes. The sermon was the most touching and it was tough for me to get through because the topic was "In Remembrance." Pastor Charlie talked about how Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy have been remembered over the years. I started thinking about how I would like to be remembered years from now and that was really tough to think about. It's not about spending your life sitting at home watching TV, watching the world go by. It's about your actions and how you treat other people. I want to be remembered as someone who has made a difference, even in small part, in someone's life. Maybe that's why I joined the Jaycees so I wouldn't be forgotten and that someone would remember something good I did for him or her. I don't need to be a famous movie star or an athlete. I just want someone in this world to think about me with kindness and remember something good I did for them after I am gone - hopefully many, many years from now.

Pastor Charlie mentioned something one of John F. Kennedy's friends said about that tragic day in Dallas as he was grieving for the President. He said something like, "One day this will all have happened a long time ago." Those words spoke to me personally. One day my fight with cancer will have happened a long time ago. I can't wait for that day.


luke said...

this is profound! you've definately taught Kate and I a thing or two! or six! you've earned the title badassitor of the Jaycees.

it's crazy to think of a day when this will be just a memory.. the present constantly slips into the past. I've always liked the john lenon quote "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans”.

he also said "everybody loves you when you're six feet underground" but you've managed to do that while you're above it and that's no small thing.

keep blogg'n i love to read it! it's the uplifting way to start my morning! ;-)

Ron said...

comment time is today since I've been at Richmond all weekend...

1. You've made an impact on this world many times over via Jaycees, friendships and family.
You're the beacon in the fog of life and you're shining brighter than ever!

2. Shed those tears woman! You know I do it all of the time. During those good times and bad times and even during the sappy parts in movies when they put the feel good music on. I hate when that happens! So don't be afraid to let em' rip. It let's you know that you care a little more than you think! We can share a box of tissue or a roll of TP some time!

3. Can't wait to see just how hot you are with the shaved head. Remember people don't expect to see someone like you without hair. It's not the norm to see a good looking woman without some hairs on her head!

4. Luke is right...keep blogging! We'll keep commenting! At least Luke "Muhammed Ali" will be there knocking cancer out online!

5. Tara's getting married!?! whoa!

6. Take care of that crazy hubby and don't let him eat too much for you!

C' Ya! Both!


Anonymous said...

Okay--now I am feeling blubbery. :) Not to mention rather guilty--Mrs. Jaycee'er supreme!

Actually have been thinking about this subject a lot recently (brought on not by illness but by a period of extreme overwork). I am starting to ask myself if I am going to hit 60 and all I will be able to say that I did with my life was work. Now that I read your blog it is like a poke in the shoulder--nu?? When ya' gonna stop talking and start doing?

Suppose it is time to get off my butt, and start doing something with my free time beyond meeting friends for dinner and getting my nails done.... sigh.... It has been fun--what a shame it is just so incredibly shallow.

Someone just posted an ad for a gleaning event--how about if I glean in your honor? It may not sound like much, but when you consider the damage likely to be caused to my nails, I am sure you can appreciate the enormity of the sacrifice. :)

Becky said...

You have no idea how you've inspired me, it started with rock climbing and getting inshape, but now it's moved on to changing my life to do something more meaningful. I'm actually now looking for a new job, something where I can make a real impact in people's lives. In fact, I'm applying for a job at The Children's Inn at NIH we were just talking about last week! You don't have to worry about being remembered years from now... most of us already think about you every day (and not just because your blog gives us something to do when we don't feel like working).


victory4angela said...

I'm going to have to start carrying around one of those big rolls of toilet paper around with comments like these.

I'm glad I've uplifted everyone. When you really stop to think about what truly is important in life, especially when faced with something of this magnitude, you realize that all of those little daily mundane things should just roll off your back. Look at your life and appreciate everything you have at every moment. I sat on the deck today and the sun felt especially sweet. Soak it up and enjoy the moment.

Becky - the Children's Inn is a fantastic place. Now that I'm an NIH patient, I truly appreciate all that NIH does for people. I hope you get the job because you can make such a huge impact there.

Jacki said...

Hey Cuz!,
I finally got your blog address from my dad today. I sat here and read all of it from beginning to end. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you every day. You have such an upbeat, positive mental attitude, Angela. I firmly believe that makes all the difference in the outcome of anything and everything. And, hey as for the crying, that's a very good thing! It's like an internal cleansing of the body and soul. I think our bodies know we need it, which is why we do it. I cried everyday for an entire year a few years back, but won't go into the reason here. I only mention it because I NEEDED to cry, and so do you. Keep postin' cuz I'll keep readin'. Love your cousin, Jacki

Anonymous said...

Oh--here I am, feeling noble about signing up for gleaning, and then Becky goes and upped the ante here, with looking for a new, meaningful job and all that. This would be a good moment to point out that I can do anything here in Israel--garbage collector, dog catcher, accountant--and it can ALL be chalked up to Building the Economy and Contributing to the Development of the Jewish Homeland. Nice deal, no? I can have the warm fuzzy feeling and the manicures, pedicures and personal trainer! :)

Of course, the average social worker in the States probably makes more than I do.... oh well.

Hope you are feeling okay--keep those fluids going!

Blair said...

I know how you feel Gila. Though in my case it's beyond a gentle nudge. Angela seems to be one of several people who've been giving me a metaphorical kick in the seat of the pants in recent weeks.

So I've started working on dumping some of the fluff out of my life and trying to spend more time with the people I care about, trying to make my little corner of the world a little better.

Kate said...

I'll comment, too (peer pressure)! We call you "Badassador" in homage to your Ambassador honor. That's where that came from in case you didn't get it from Luke's spelling. :-)

Although I think it's important to learn from the present and not look TOO far into the future, that was a great quote from JFK's friend. Whenver I used to get nervous about exams in school, I'd think, "By this time tomorrow, I'll be relaxing/sleeping off my hangover" (you get the idea--yours could be "At this time next year I'll be winning Jaycee of the Milennium/hiking at Great Falls/scrapbooking with Jeff/waterskiing/etc" :-).

Oh, and I'll agree with everyone else--cry away. Luke and I tear up at the dumbest stuff and have nothing to blame it on. Sometimes stuff just sneaks up on you or makes you think of something else (happens to me in church sometimes, too), and it's hard not to have an ugly cry. :-)

Finally, I've always had a secret desire to go bald so I'll see how you look (I'm sure you have a nice-shaped head which is MOST of the battle!).

Go rest so you can kick some more ass!

victory4angela said...

K&L-I like you new title for my award. You guys are awesome. Are you admitting that Luke is a girlie-man?!!