Friday, May 11, 2007

Dizzie Blonde


This morning Angela had a routing doctors visit for blood work and such. Her brother (also named Mike) is taking care of the limo (driving) services. THANKS MIKE!

She called me while at the doctors office and said that she was really dizzy and light-headed when she tried to get out of bed this morning. Since she is already at the doctors office she will be receiving a saline drip (iv) while she is there to help with hydration. Hopefully this will help cure some of the dizziness, at least the out-of-normal dizziness that we all love about her.

If we are unable to raise her blood pressure and keep her hydrated we will be spending more nights at the NIH hospital. :(


Ron said...

Can we make idle threats with needles to scare her and raise her bp. Follow it with a gatorade drip? oooh! better yet is the coaches gatorade bath!

Drink up woman! or else...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mike, please only cure the out-of-normal dizzyness. However if you do find a cure for it all, could you send it my way? :)