Sunday, September 30, 2007

Seasons of Change

I can't believe tomorrow is October. It's starting to feel a little like fall around here with the cooler temperatures at night and the changing leaves on the trees. I have mixed emotions about the coming season because I feel a little gypped from not really having much of a summer this year. Each year, at the beginning of summer I think about all the things I want to do before the fall. I don't always do the things I think I'm going to do (I never seem to hit the pool as often as I would like), but this year I didn't even make plans or daydream about long, lazy summer days spent outdoors. Maybe I should stop watching those Country Time lemonade commercials because I always get a touch of nostalgia for my youth! Next year I plan to do summer right. I don't know what that means just now, but I will enjoy it instead of seeing it from my couch or a hospital bed. Meanwhile, I will plan on enjoying fall and seeing the leaves turn colors before it gets downright cold in winter. One season at a time!

My eyebrows are back! I am so glad to see them and my little baby eyelashes too. I'm also starting to get a little peach fuzz on my head and maybe soon I'll look like Demi Moore in "G.I. Jane". I'll look like a touch chick then!

Mike's boat is being fixed today and hopefully it will get done before Eric leaves the lake because he said he'll tow it back here for us if it's ready. We'll have to test it on the Potomac River when it is ready because we won't be able to get back to the lake for a while. October is a busy month for us with lots going on each weekend, but we can definitely take it down to the river for a weekend afternoon and drop it in by National airport. I love boating on the Potomac (not swimming - ewwww) because it's so amazing to see all of the monuments from the water. We usually head down towards Mount Vernon and then over to a small marina for lunch. Last year we went really far down the river with Kathy and Robert near Quantico, VA. I hope it is fixed so Mike can test it before he has to winterize it.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the summer--I had the same feeling the summer I had thyroid cancer. I made up for it the next year. :)

In the meantime--enjoy the fall! I do miss the pretty leaves...we really don't have that here.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, eyebrows! It's really hard to give people the skunk eye without a good eyebrow raise.

If you missed summer, you should head out to visit your Texas peeps. Looks like we're going to get at least another month of it. And you could come to the TX State Fair. Mmmmmm. Corny Dogs!

Julie B.