Monday, February 9, 2009

Fabulous 40s

I'm not talking about me (although that will be me soon enough). My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary yesterday and we took them to dinner last night. They celebrated on their own by driving to the Bavarian Inn in West Virginia on Saturday and trying to order in German from the poor waitress who wasn't German and didn't speak a word of German. That's my parents! I'm in awe that they've been married that long - I reminded Mike that we've "only" got 30 more years to go before we hit that mark. My grandparents were married 60 something years before grandpa passed away, which is really an amazing achievement. Congratulations, Mom & Dad for making it so far!

I'm finally on Facebook and it's been fun tracking down old school friends. The other day I found some class photos from Kindergarten and 1st grade. I have to admit, I was pretty adorable back then! :-) I was so pleased to find them that I had to show Mike. It's pretty exciting to flashback to my childhood.

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