Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Never Easy

I went to NIH today to have some blood work done because my white counts were a little low at my last check-up. Doug (my Nurse Practitioner) called a bit ago and said my white counts are even lower than they were then and they want to do a bone marrow biopsy to see what's going on. I scheduled it for this Thursday and I'm very, very, very nervous about the procedure. I had one done back in April and it wasn't too bad, but the thought still bothers me. I scheduled the procedure with the best person at NIH. I've heard a lot about this guy and everyone brags about how wonderful he is and how people don't feel a thing. I hope it's true because I'm about to find out. I asked for a prescription of sedatives to take the edge off my nerves. I'll take a sick day at work because my back ached after the procedure last time and I don't need to be at work feeling loopy from the sedatives with a back ache.

I bet you're all wondering what this means, and I asked that question. Doug doesn't think the cancer has returned (yay!), but this could be a result of the rituximab (one of the chemo drugs). After the biopsy, they'll figure out the course of action and I may end up getting GCF shots again for a while. This means Mike gets to be my caretaker again and stick me with a needle for a few weeks. Please pray that everything turns out fine and that I don't freak out with the biopsy and that all I will need is a few weeks of GCF shots to get my white counts up and at 'em. All I want for Christmas is to put this nightmare behind me and move forward with a long, happy, HEALTHY life.


Mike J. said...


There is no need to worry; this is just a small bump in road. You will rise to this challenge as you have done with every other obstacle you have been faced with.


Anonymous said...

I'm putting my Christmas order in too - I'll ask for you to get lots of big, burly white cells with crew cuts that are ready to kick patootie and take names. Hope your hospital visit is BRIEF and successful!

Julie B.

Anonymous said...


I'm dreaming, of a White Cell Christmas,
With all the white cells you had before.
May the procedure be easy, and fast,
And may all your white cells, kick (butt)!

It doesn't rhyme and the beat isn't quite right, but I'm sure you get the idea. Mike's right, this is just a bump in the road.

- Blair