Friday, August 24, 2007

Is it over already?

We are heading home tomorrow, even though I had convinced myself that yesterday was Wednesday instead of Thursday. We went jet skiing the other day on the Pamlico Sound and had a great time, despite only being able to go 40mph and being in a large roped off area. We're used to renting jet skis where they simply tell you, "See you in an hour." The Sound is so shallow here that you have to be in a roped off area so you don't beach the jet ski. It was still fun, but not as much fun as having all of Lake Meade outside of Las Vegas to play. We also took the kayaks out the other day and I was able to paddle for a while without getting too tired. I wasn't very good at paddling before I got sick so this was an experience, but Mike was a good teacher and I did very well.

We might be a little weird, but we went to watch the local high school girls play volleyball last night. The local girls creamed the competition in nearly every game. The third game was close, but the Cape Hatteras Hurricanes finally won. It was a good time.

We went down to the pier in Frisco today, which is about 15 minutes from our hotel. The waves are not as big as Okacroke and I was able to stay in the water for almost an hour. I still haven't really done any swimming in the ocean, but I wade in the water. I'm so weak that the waves make me a little nervous. We might go back this afternoon and I might try swimming with the boogie board.

I had a little cry on the beach this morning and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'm so thankful that I'm alive to appreciate the ocean, the waves, and the sand. I'm alive and I've survived cancer. I'm here in the Outer Banks, which is somewhere I've never been and I have the warm sun above me. It was merely a week ago yesterday that the doctors gave me a clean bill of health and I am thankful for being on the road to recovery.


Ron said...

It's not weird that you went to a high school volleyball game. We're going to see the big girls play tonight at GW, actually at George Mason. By the way they all said to give you their bestest!

You're not the first to was a teary eyed weekend at times last weekend. You'll get to hear all about it soon!

Anonymous said...

It is good you had sun! Today was the first day we had just a little sun all week!

Cancer changes you and your loved ones forever. It helps you appricate everything a little more. It has been over 6 years for us and it still applies!


Anonymous said...

I am going to ditto what Claire said. My cancer was much less of a big deal than yours, but I can say that between that and the bombing, the way I look at the world, my health, my financial status and friends have been irrevocably altered. (Five 1/2 years out from the bombing...)


Tracey G said...

It's your vacation, just do whatever you want! High school volleyball sounds fun. I'll have you know, you made my week!

Crying seemed to be the name of the game last weekend; But it was a good thing!

Tracey G

Kate Lindon said...

I admire how you can really appreciate the world around you post-cancer (like getting teary at the ocean). That was really touching. Not that you want to wish cancer on someone, but we all almost need something to smack us down and around so we can appreciate life, family, friends, etc. more. Glad you had a getaway b4 heading back to the grind. Oh, and I'm all about crying, so blubber away. :-)