Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Still Sick

My temperature's been bouncing up and down from 98.6 to 101. I didn't wake up drenched in sweat this morning so I thought my temperature had gone down, but it was still 99 degrees. My cough is getting a little worse, which is what used to happen to me every winter. I used to get colds that would turn into a mild bronchitis and I'm hoping it doesn't happen this time. I have been through the ringer and now this happens. I'm very annoyed with this virus. I was prescribed an inhaler, which is what I normally get when this cough starts, but the order wasn't called into the pharmacy yesterday and we didn't want to wait and get stuck in traffic. Mike said he'll pick up my prescription today on his way home and I really hope it helps.

I still have my PET and CT scans tomorrow and I just hope I won't be coughing all over the place, especially because I have to hold my breath for a few seconds during the CT scan. I've been looking forward to tomorrow for so long and now this virus has me sidelined a bit. We're supposed to go on vacation on Saturday to the Outer Banks and I don't want to cancel the trip. I'm hoping this virus is all gone by tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


We are glad to here that you are complete with you treatments. I ask Mike all the time how you are doing. Enjoy your vacation you certainly deserve it. Sara and I can't wait to hook up with you guys this winter for another hockey game or two.

Take care Gary from CSCI

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

I will say a special prayer for that darn virus to get the heck out of there!

Keep your head up!


Ron said...

crossing fingers, legs, eyes, etc. in hopes for good results!