Monday, August 6, 2007


I went to NIH this morning for my blood work and, as I expected, they called about two hours ago to let me know that I neutropenic. I had a feeling because I've been feeling a little weak today without much energy. The woman made me laugh a little because she first asked if I was on cycle six (yes) and if I'd ever been neutropenic before (yes, every cycle). Then she started telling me a bunch of stuff I already know (if my temperature hits 101.0, call and come in immediately, don't change the cat's litter box, don't each fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.) I know the drill by now and I've been following the rules this whole time. The nurse who called me last cycle was much more with it than this lady!

My temperature has been up and down since yesterday and I'm just hoping to keep out of the hospital until tomorrow. I had a close call last night, but then my temperature dropped from 100.3 to 99.5 and I was safe for the night. I have my bag packed because I just know I'll be going to the hospital sometime. I'm drinking my fluids so when they do have to put an IV in me, I'll be hydrated. Meanwhile, I'm resting on the sofa because my energy level is really low and it takes a lot just to walk from one room to the next. I just wish there was something better to watch on tv!

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