Friday, August 3, 2007


It's Friday and I'm hanging in there, but I haven't been sleeping very well these past two nights. I woke up with a sore throat both yesterday and today, but I think it might be my allergies kicking up because of the ceiling fan. Unfortunately, I still get awful hot flashes at night so I need the fan to keep me cool. The hot flashes are worse while I'm wearing the fanny pack (last week) so I'm not suffering nearly as much. I woke up several times last week drenched from sweat. Now I'm just not sleeping very well. I was also really achy yesterday but that could be from the shots and working out with my trainer. I've been trying to work out once a week on my two good weeks - right before chemo and the day after just to build some strength. I had no problems working out after chemo, except for these last two cycles I ended up really sore across my back and chest. At least I'm done with chemo and in about 10 days I will be done with my shots!

I was able to make Kate & Luke's farewell dinner last night, although I wasn't so sure earlier in the day if I could go since I wasn't feeling 100%. Kate and Luke are Jaycees and they're moving to Pennsylvania so Luke can go to seminary school to become a minister. I'm going to miss both of them and I'm sad to see them go. Luke's going to make an awesome minister and I wish him the best. It's too bad he hasn't graduated already because my pastor is moving to California in August and Luke would be a good replacement.

I've got to head to NIH today for my bi-weekly phlebotomy visit. I've actually got to get moving because I want to get there before all the good people go to lunch. I'll keep posting throughout the weekend - keep your fingers crossed and those prayers up that I'm still here.


Anonymous said...

You are near the end of this--keep those spirits up!

I have a gorgeous pair of earrings (well suited for sea-green eyes) that I bought you in Croatia. I meant to send them as a "cheer you up when you are sick" present but it looks like they will be a "congrats on finishing the *&^$@!!! chemo" present instead!


Luke said...

yay! i made it on the post! thank you so much for coming out, it was great to see you! thanks so much for the support in my decision, your enthusastic response was a huge help.

we'll keep in touch and def. be there for pricilla's funeral party blow-out.