Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crazy Sexy Cancer

We saw an advertisement for a documentary that will be on TLC tomorrow night (our 9th wedding anniversary too) called, "Crazy Sexy Cancer." A 35-year old actress/filmmaker was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer in 2003 and she documents her story as she travels across the country interviewing experts in alternative medicine because traditional chemotherapy treatments won't work for her type of cancer. She has an unbelievable outlook on life and approaches this journery with a wild sense of humor. She says on her blog that she called the documentary, "Crazy Sexy Cancer" because she wanted to kick cancer in the pants, not glorify it. She says, "Cancer ISN'T sexy, the soulful women who have it ARE. We are warriors, angels, vibrant hot tomatoes and cancer cannot take that away from us. Cancer cowgirls are empowered, whole, thrivers with or without the disease."

We're going out to dinner for our anniversary tomorrow, but I've already set my Tivo to record this show. I'm fascinated by this woman who doesn't take her cancer diagnosis lying down and instead chooses to live her life despite cancer. Her website is crazysexycancer.com and I urge you to check out the trailer for the documentary - Mike and I were both in tears when we watched it - and then maybe watch the show. She also has a book called, "Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips" that I need to go check out in the book store. If it's good, I have a few fellow cancer "cowgirls" I should send it to for motivation and inspiration. I've read a lot of books about cancer and a lot of them are very serious. I think it's about time someone wrote something that isn't quite so serious and humorless. When you have cancer, sometimes all you need is a good belly laugh.

Now for a little segway... I have been thinking a lot about my fellow cancer warriors and I want Janine to know that I'm very glad her surgery went well and I hope they got took out all of the cancer. Michell, I hope your friend goes through her next rounds of chemo much better than she has been and I hope she feels better. Ice cream and popsicles always made me feel better! Jennifer Ray, my heart goes out to you and your brother. I am thinking about you and praying for you. I owe you a phone call, a letter, or an email. You were an inspiration to me when I needed it most and I want to return the favor. Melanie Pepper, my heart goes out to you and your mom. I am here for you if you need to talk about things or if you have questions about what she's going through. I am willing to talk to anyone because I want others to learn from my experience and to know that they are not alone.


Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary

Ron said...

Like the new look...meant to say that when you changed the page.

It's seems like a long time ago when you guys got hitched. It's great to see you two still kickin' ass and staying strong together despite the bumps in the road!