Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to Work

This is it: my last day at home before I start back to work on Tuesday. I'm happy to get back to work and be productive and I'm looking forward to catching up with all of my co-workers. However, I'll admit that it's also been nice (when I was feeling well) to be home. Riley and Shelby will certainly miss having me around the house, especially when I can take Riley outside during the day. I also took Riley for short walks around the neighborhood, which I haven't done lately. I kind of feel like the kids who returned to school this week - summer "vacation" is over. Of course, I haven't spent the summer hanging out at the pool, the mall, or wherever kids hang out these days. Instead, I spent a lot of time hanging out at NIH. I'm so thankful all of that is over and I can now focus on becoming healthier overall. Going back to work is one part of that process - moving on with my life and returning to normal.

I just realized that I'm drinking out of my Wonder Woman glass and I think it's kind of appropriate. When I was a kid I loved Wonder Woman and thought she was so cool with her invisible jet and magic lasso of truth. Linda Carter was my hero once upon a time. My grandma used to check out the comic book from the library and I'd read it over and over again. Some fast food chain or grocery store in the 70s gave away the entire superheros collection of glasses (free with purchase of something) and my family had Aquaman, Superman, Batman, and some others. Grandma had Wonder Woman and I used to drink out of that glass every time I visited her. Unfortunately, she gave the glass away several years ago without knowing I wanted it. My friend Suzanne found another one on Ebay and bought it for me because I talked about the glass so much! At one point during my chemo treatments, I thought of Wonder Woman and how I wanted to be like her, but forgot all about until just now. I can be a Wonder Woman too! Sorry, but I'm not going to wear that skimpy outfit and boots; I'll just have a Wonder Woman attitude.
Hmm, wonder if I can find a t-shirt somewhere in my size?


Blair said...

There was some music playing in the background while I read this. A new song started just as I got to the "Wonder Woman" paragraph.

Rather appropriately, I found myself reading that paragraph while listening to Smash Mouth singing about being an "Average ordinary everyday Superhero."

It fits.

Anonymous said...


You are a true Wonder Woman...Strong, Brave, Kind and proud! You give so many hope. I do not know many people who will look such an ugly monster square in the eyes and kick it's A**.

Wonderful job my friend!


victory4angela said...

Hey Katie, Mike say Pete yesterday while he was out jogging with Riley. We haven't seen Pete in a while!

Thanks. I need to get the Wonder Woman theme song and play it whenever I walk into a room. :-)

Anonymous said...


You might want to check out this link.


Anonymous said...

Hey Angela,

That is funny about Mike. Pete told me that he saw him too the other day while he was out running.

One of these days we will have to take you guys out for dinner. We would love to see you guys and you could meet my little people.

I hope that you have a great weeekend.