Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day +3

It's been 3 days since my transplant. Cousin Liz is starting to feel better and I'm so glad. She felt like she'd been kicked by a mule in her lower back from the procedure. She is my hero for all that she's been through.

I'm doing well the doctors say. Today my voice is coming and going because of the chemo but I feel fine and I'm thankful for that. I spent the morning watching a movie on iTunes so I wouldn't have to talk. They're giving me cytoxin today and tomorrow (6am-9am!) to help my body accept the transplanted marrow vs reject it. The downside is that I'm requird to pee a lot to help get rid of the toxins from the cytoxin so I'm getting plenty of exercise going to the bathroom!

Oh yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR! It doesn't quite feel like New Years, but I did wake up around 11:40 last night to watch Carson ring in the new year. I'm hoping for a healthier 2011 for sure. Several people sent along New Year's party supplies so we wore the hats and took lots of picture (on Facebook). Fun!

Mike is napping since he was up late "partying" in the family room with my brother. They were up until 2am finishing a puzzle! Those crazy guys. I actually called him because I thought they might have left and found a bar somewhere.


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