Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Tomorrow's the 'big' day - my EMG. I kind of forgot all about it and remembered on my way out the door from work that I'll be in late tomorrow. At least my manager remembered! I've been so busy between Memorial day plans and working that I haven't had time to think about it let alone be nervous, which is a good thing. I have bigger things to think about tomorrow, like whether I'll actually get my proposal printed before 11pm. That would be nice.

We had a nice weekend in Ocean City for Memorial Day. We took off Friday (well, except for some pesky work stuff I had to deal with at home before we left) and headed over to Amber's house (Mike's co-worker) in Kent Island for a crab feast and BBQ. She knows how to throw a full-on party and it was a lot of fun, which was exactly what I needed. Mike went out on her husband's boat with a couple of other guys to go pick up a part for the boat and they ran out of gas. They made it back after bumming gas from someone. I think they managed to float over to someone's dock and beg. There aren't too many women who would jump on a boat without first checking to make sure they had gas, but I digress.

The OPA speedboat races were in town, which we didn't know ahead of time, so I got to see my first high-speed boat race. Wish I could say I actually saw it, but since it's out on the water it's hard to see the whole thing. I saw a bunch of cool boats go by really fast followed by a bunch of helicopters filming the whole thing. I would love to be on one of those things just to see how fast they go. That would be amazing.

We heard a great band at Sunset Marina Sunday night. They mostly played "chick" band stuff like Melissa Etheridge, Janis Joplin, Go Go's, Alanis, and more. Really good band right on the water overlooking the marina and all the big expensive yachts.

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