Sunday, April 26, 2009


So I heard Vivica A. Fox on the radio the other night with Billy Bush (who I met in person a long time ago when he was just a DJ on a local radio station) talking about her new show about a Cougar looking for young love. I've heard the term 'Cougar' before but never realized that apparently I'm on the cusp of cougar-hood. The only qualification I don't meet is that, well, I'm married (but Mike is 4 months younger so maybe I am a cougar after all!). Anyway, I always thought of Cougars as much older than me but Ms. Vivica said it's a 40 y.o. woman. She also said that baby-boomers are turning 40 now... Um, Ms. Vivica my MOM is at the front of the baby boom and she's just over 60. The tail-end of the baby boom is turning 50 this year. She should get her facts straight - Gen X is turning 40 this year. Is that scary or what? Gen X is the new cougar woman.

I'm not even sure I really like the term 'cougar'. I mean really, when a 40 y.o. man dates a 22 y.o girl, he doesn't get labeled anything other than 'stud'. How fair is that? Ms. Vivica then said that the 50 y.o. ladies can be Pumas - I kinda like that better than the over-used cougar. She also said that 30 y.o's are bobcats and 20 y.o.'s are leopards (or something). Um, if a 20 y.o girl is dating someone younger than her I think they call that jail time.

I have no intention of watching her new show. I mean it sounds even lower than some of these other reality dating shows (but less skanky that Bus of Love!)

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FirePhrase said...

I'd watch what I say about those Bus of Love girls. They are scary!

I think the whole cougar thing was cooked up by 22-year old guys. Hey, I'm a hot young stud so you buy me things, and I'll let you have sex with me. "Let"? Yeah.