Monday, April 6, 2009

2 year cancerversary

Today is my 2nd cancerversary - I was diagnosed two years ago today. I'm celebrating because two years later I'm still alive and kicking! Two years ago I was in the hospital waiting for the test results from my first (but certainly not last) CT scan, not knowing that the scariest time of my life was just around the corner. I'm certainly grateful and glad to be here today, writing this post. I will most certainly celebrate a little more on Thursday when I come home from my next visit with my NIH team with what I can only hope and pray will be another clean bill of health.

Sadly, my aunt's sister is dying of ovarian cancer as I type this. Aunt Carol left last night or this morning to be with Chris in her final moments. Both Carol and her sister have had breast cancer and Chris had ovarian cancer not too long ago, which she fought with chemo but the cancer came back and now she's dying. I only wish for peace for both of them - Chris as she leaves this world for a better place and Carol as she will need so much comforting and love to handle her loss.


FirePhrase said...

Heck yeah you're aliving and kicking! Congratulations on hitting a new milestone.

Our Family said...

Yay, Angela. We are all so happy that you're still here - and still kicking butt in so many ways. Good luck on Thursday.

Please, also, know that your family - especially your Aunt Carol - are in our thoughts and prayers. She's also a fighter but I hope this isn't too much for her to handle.