Friday, March 6, 2009

Finally Friday

It's finally the weekend and I'm so glad. Work hasn't been too bad this week, but that changed Thursday morning when I find out that my proposal that was cancelled several weeks ago might be back on and I might have to head to NC next week to get the team back together and work on it. If it's back on, next week is going to be a long week filled with late nights. That's why I'm trying to put everything out of my head now so I can enjoy this weekend.

We're dog-sitting Nanette, a white poodle puppy for Melissa while she's on vacation in Florida. Riley's had his share of dogs in the past month with Wiley for a long weekend in February, followed by Cocoa the next weekend, and now Nanette. I think he's fine with the doggie parade, but I'm not so sure our cat Shelby likes the pooches invading his space. He's already swatted Nanette a few times today (luckily, no claws were involved...yet). Nanette will be here for almost two weeks so Shelby better get used to it.

The temps climbed into the low 70s today, which is shocking considering we got seven inches of snow on Monday. We still have a teeny patch of snow in the corner of our front yard, but I bet that will melt before too much longer. Riley certainly loved the snow so I feel kind of bad for him that it's all pretty much gone. But, I love this weather and am making plans to run outside as much as possible. Last Saturday I ran on the treadmill at the gym because it was so cold - this weekend it's 70s. I love it.

Speaking of Riley, he's standing here licking the laptop as I type so he must want to go outside. I don't blame him. Anyone in the DC area reading this, back away from your computer and get outside! Enjoy the weather.

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