Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Part Dieux

Since we were in Texas for Christmas, we held a belated Christmas gathering at home with my family. I had asked Mom to let everyone know since the date and time since we were out of town and everyone was gathering at the hospital for Grandma E. She managed to tell everyone but Aunt Carol. In the end Carol and my cousin didn't come because they were sick or something, but we had a great time anyway. Aunt Anne, my parents, Michael & Shaunda, and Frank, Sophie, and little Gathien joined us for good eatings with a slight twist. My brother Michael came over early to set up the deep fryer so we could deep fry the turkey, but his thermometer wasn't working so I ran out to the store moments before everyone was due to arrive and picked up another one. He injected liquid Cajun spices and rubbed the bird down with more Cajun spies. I was really excited that we didn't set the house on fire! Mike was so tired of turkey and wasn't looking forward to eating at all, but he really liked the way it was prepared.

Michael brought his Rottie puppies, Gretchen and Gator over for some puppy playtime with Riley and it was quite the romper room around here. They all received a rawhide tug toy and Gretchen and Riley looked and sounded ferocious as they tugged away. Finally, Riley ripped the toy from Gretchen's mouth and as it went flying, little Gator picked it up and ran! They were all tuckered out by evening's end and Gator kept trying to curl up to sleep, but we wanted him good and tired so he'd sleep through the night (instead of waking Shaunda up at 2:30am to go out). Riley was exhausted and slept hard through the next day. We'll have to get the doggie cousins together again soon!

It was a marvelous day and we especially enjoyed all of the gifts we received and exchanged. Mike got lots of coffee and we both received Starbucks travel mugs (mine is appropriately green for my favorite color!). We love everything and are so thankful for great family!

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