Friday, June 27, 2008

Circle of Life

I just received some exciting news - Sue & Steve had their baby this afternoon! However, not more than an hour later I received some very sad news - Jen's brother passed away this morning. He'd been battling cancer and in recent weeks had been hospitalized a few times. In her blog yesterday, Jen sounded hopeful and talked about him possibly being released from the hospital by this weekend. I am grateful she went on a family trip with her brother just a few weeks ago to Disney World. He ended up in the hospital at the end of his vacation trip, but he was able to enjoy the week with his family.

I am already reeling from yesterday's news regarding Angela in my swim class who's cancer may have returned. She's the "loud Angela" in our swim class and is always singing along with the music and cracking jokes with everyone or ogling the lifeguards. She's truly a trip. Not only do we have the same name, but her birthday is a few weeks after mine. I wish her the best and I'm going to make sure I call and visit her to keep her spirits up as she deals with this news. I wrote in her get well card, "We are super hero cancer fighting chicks." She is truly a super hero cancer fighting chick - Fight on, Angela.

Several weeks ago, Melanie lost her mom to cancer. I'm in shock right now as I try to handle all of this cancer-cancer-cancer stuff in my life. Two years ago, I knew very few people who had cancer and now I know more people with cancer than I ever thought possible. My prayers list keeps getting longer every day.


Blair said...

It's been a few hours since I first read this and my head's still doing loopty-loops.

I'm quite excited for Sue and Steve. Knowing this is something they've wanted for a while, I can't help but feel happy for them.

But then Jen's brother... I never met him, but I've been praying that he was going to beat this.

It's so strange, being both happy and sad at the same time.

- Blair

Gila said...

Wow--sounds like it has been a really rough emotional spell for you. Hugs!

victory4angela said...

I'm feeling happy-sad too and a little bit guilty about being a survivor.

What's rattled me more is learning that Chris passed away at 12:20 pm and little Jacob was born at 12:40pm. My only comfort is thinking maybe their souls passed each other in transit.

FirePhrase said...

I know the band Live is possibly one of the most corny bands in the universe (and I say that with love in my heart), but it's exactly because moments like this do really happen in people's lives that every time I hear Lightning Crashes I just want to bawl my eyes out. Sometimes it's corny because it's true. Keep your chin up, kid.