Friday, June 13, 2008

Play ball

We were invited to the Washington National's game last week, but not just to see the game, but to see it from the owner's box. Our friend's family and the owners are old friends. We were so honored to be there. While I was at a late lunch with my co-workers, a storm came out of no where and pounded the area with high winds and lots of rain and lightening. It soon passed and afterwards, I picked Mike up from work and went back to my office to see if the game was still happening that night. I work in Virginia and the game was not far away in DC so we had plenty of time to figure things out before the game.
I saw on the Internet the game was still on, so we headed into the city. The skies started to get dark as we drove towards the stadium. We heard on the radio about the damage from the storm and about other storms heading our way. It seems Montgomery County got pounded by the storms - lots of lights out. I was sure glad we weren't stuck in traffic in all that mess.
We were thrilled and shocked to find that our free parking pass Keith had given us put is in the garage right next to the stadium - woo hoo! We'd never been to the new ballpark and it was impressive right from the start. We showed our special tickets and worked our way up to the box. I started to realize how big a deal this was when we had to show our tickets at least six times to get there. I wasn't expecting the actual owners to be there that night, but Mrs. Lerner was and she was so very nice and welcoming to everyone.
It started to downpour and everyone in the stadium ran for cover. We watched and waited to see what would happen, but it was pretty obvious a game wasn't going to happen that night. Meanwhile, we dined on delicious roasted vegetables, salad, mini tuna steaks (for Mike), and grilled chicken. That was in the first box. In the second owner's box, they offered hot dogs, fries, and four flavors of dippin' dots ice cream! You would think that would be enough, but a little while later the servers brought out baseball-shaped cookies, a tray of peanut brittle, and another tray of mini-cheesecakes and fudge. Everything was good.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, despite the rainy night and on the way out, we received Nats baseball hats and baseball. We recently found out we can use our tickets since the game ended up being cancelled to go again - not the owner's box but on the same diamond level. Yeah!


FirePhrase said...

Lucky ducks! I love live baseball (and no not just because it's a socially sanctioned place to eat peanuts out of the shell and drink beer). I got to sit in the company seats for the TX Rangers once. We were right behind the home dugout a few rows back. And when the players ran off the field, we were looking them straight in the eye. I got to give A-Rod the evil eye in person! So much more effective than just yelling at the tv that he's a chump. But I haven't been to a game in years. Now I'm getting all nostalgic. Nothing better than baseball in the summer.

victory4angela said...

Even more exciting: I get to go back as an "Honored Walker" for the Leukemia & Lymphoma's Light the Night campaign kickoff at National's Park! All registered teammates get to come too, but I might get to be recognized on the field before the game (along with the other honored walkers from the area).

FirePhrase said...

I don't know. Honored Walker is pretty good. But will there be Dippin' Dots? There's something to be said for the value of space age frosty dairy treats. Maybe if they don't have them you can give Mike the sad eyes until he buys you some.

Gila said...

Sounds decadent!