Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Aced My Test!

Today was it - the big day. I went to NIH this morning for my first 3-month CT scan and check-up and I am happy to say I passed the test with flying colors! I have some scar tissue left over, but it shrank a little since my last CT and the doctors are very happy with the results thus far. I have been a little nervous about today and it's been on my mind a lot lately. I was trying to prepare myself for bad news, but in the end decided to just think positive thoughts and pray really hard for good results. I am very thankful for my doctors at NIH and my continuing to be in good health.

I asked the doctor about the tingling in my feet and he said it's actually a little unusual for them to still be numb three months later, but the feeling could return to normal in six months to a year so I have to wait and see. I've been having really bad hot flashes, but they weren't able to offer any suggestions for that other than to try flax seed which is supposed to help. Apparently I have a slight fungus in my fingernails and toenails so I need to get some over the counter cream to resolve that issue. These are minor things compared to what I've been through so I will just deal with them and move on. My goal is to play volleyball in the spring, so if my feet are still numb I'm going to have to work around that and figure out some way to compensate.

I ran into Steven, my chemo buddy from Ohio and he looks really good too. I think he's gained back some of the weight he lost. He said he's been feeling well and I hope his results are as good as mine. I also saw a lot of my nurses who have transferred from working in the day hospital to the clinic. My white counts were a little low so I had to go to the day hospital for a shot of neulasta and I saw some more nurses there. I also made a trip to the inpatient unit to see my favorite nurse, Amy. It was a good day overall (well, except for having to get an IV, blood drawn, and a shot).


Blair said...

This is probably the best news I've had all month if not all year. Congratulations!

FirePhrase said...

IV, blood and a shot? Piece of cake. You could do that in your sleep. In fact didn't they try that a few times while you were in the hospital?

Congratulations! You'll be smacking that volleyball around and scoring goals (or whatever it is you do in volleyball; you know I'm no good with the sports) in no time.


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! CONGRATULATIONS!


Luke said...

victory for mike and angela!!! where have i heard that before... on yeah, the title of the blog! it's like a prophecy fulfilled!!

we're jump'n for joy up here in lancaster!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Angela! You have been in my thoughts and I am so happy to hear about your good - no, make that AWESOME news!

A little numbness won't keep you down - pracitice hitting that volleyball now!

Jen Ray

Janine Daniels said...

I am so thrilled for you!! You're truly an inspiration, Angela! Whoooo-hoooooo!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!!!!! Now enjoy your Christmas!