Monday, October 8, 2007

Twist and Shout

Today is holiday for me, but I had to work from home on a writing assignment that's due tomorrow by close of business. I took a break this afternoon to work out with my personal trainer, or actually Ludmilla, the new physical therapist because my regular trainer, Tom, took today off. I was doing pretty good and even added jumping jacks and bunny hops to my repertoire, even though I couldn't jump very well. Disaster struck on the hurdles. Mind you, I wasn't jumping any hurdles but I was walking over each one. As I was lifting my leg over a hurdle, my heel caught on the edge and I started falling. Since my balance is not very good I couldn't right myself and I kept on going, knocking down two more hurdles in the process and twisting my ankle. The pain was excruciating and she quickly put ice on my ankle and had me elevate my leg. Another physical therapist was there and he did a quick assessment to make sure I hadn't fractured anything. I didn't feel anything pop when I went down, but I definitely twisted it good.

It's almost 10pm now and my ankle still hurts - a lot. I've been icing and elevating my leg off and on all day. It's hard to tell how bad it is because my ankles have already been swollen for weeks, although my left ankle is a bit more swollen than my right ankle. I called NIH today anyway and left a message because of the fact that my ankles have been swollen for so long and the bottom of my feet feel numb too. Spraining my ankle today is just icing on the cake.

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Anonymous said...

Oh you poor thing! Hope you are feeling better.