Friday, June 29, 2007


My white cells have rallied together, just as I asked them to, and went forth and multiplied enough to earn me my walking papers from the hospital. Let Freedom Ring! I'm feeling patriotic a little early. :-)

My Irish Team just did their rounds and I'm very happy to see young Dr. DunLevey is still on my team. Dr. Wilson was with them today. He's the world-renowned lymphoma specialist and he doesn't usually attend rounds with the doctors. He had a medical revelation today that he is willing to wager will keep me out of the hospital next time. I don't really like to talk about this, and I apologize if I make people queasy, but let me explain as nicely as possible. Every time I finish chemo I end up with really bad diarrhea that gets worse as the week progresses, which is why I end up so dehydrated. When certain people ask what the worst part of having cancer is, I say it's the horrible diarrhea, and it truly is. I will be a happy, happy, happy person when I have normal bowel movements again. All of that being said, Dr. Wilson thinks that my diarrhea might be caused by [some medical terminology I don't quite get], but that giving me a certain antibiotic three times a day starting on day seven of my chemo treatment (right after I finish) should stop that problem and keep me out of the hospital. I'm willing to try and see if it works.

I won't know what to do with myself if I'm neutropenic at home. I'll still have low white cells and won't be able to leave the house, but I won't have the high fever and diarrhea (if his plan works). This would be a new thing for me. No IV poles to drag around. No nurses asking really dumb questions. More sleep! Cable television and access to my own DVDs! No really bad hospital food. Oh, the possibilities.

I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend if you're traveling out of town and even if you're not. Grandma Erickson's birthday is July 1 and we'll be celebrating our birthday's together at a combined birthday party on July 4 (since I'll be feeling better next week). Happy Birthday, Grandma!


Anonymous said...

Go, Doc Wilson! He's a genius, a giant among doctors, and a very handsome man. I shall do a Happy Dance in his honor, and point in his general direction (allowing for a certain amount of inaccuracy because of distance).

Cancer gives you the skitters?!? That's just wrong. Bad cancer. Baaad cancer.

Have a wonderful B-day safe in your own nest, and many, many happy returns! To Grandma E., too!

Julie B.

Brent said...

Here's to the new plan and freedom at home!!! (insert fireworks here)

Happy Birthday Angela and many, many more!


Blair said...

Hurray for Doctor Wilson! I'm looking forward to hearing that the new plan is working!

And since you won't be needing them to help out with hydration duties, the groundhogs ( have been reassigned to make sure your birthday candles (and Brent's fireworks) don't cause any problems.

Happy Birthday, a little bit early.

victory4angela said...

Let's just say cancer/chemo gives ME the skitters. I'm supposed to take a stool softener pill when I start chemo treatments because MOST people get constipated with the vincristine chemo medication. Not me! They told me not to bother because I get the skitters so bad.

Maybe Dr. Wilson finally found a solution!

I like the term, "skitters." It's much more pleasant sounding.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are back home! We all hope that you have a wonderful birthday!


Katie,Pete, Michael and Madison

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are back home, and really hope that this time, you stay there!