Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Tale of Two Patients

I checked out of the hospital yesterday afternoon because my white blood counts finally hit the lottery and won me a ticket home. I still wasn't feeling all that well so I wasn't overly excited to be home, but at least I would get a decent night's sleep without a nurse coming to check on me every two hours or the 6am lab tech call to draw blood. Remarkably, once I got home I continued to feel better and actually ate two bowls of Diane's delicious homemade matzo ball soup (thanks, Diane!). I also continued to drink my Gatorade because I learned my lesson about dehydration. I also slept soundly throughout the night, even though I kept imagining my own bed had hosptial rails on the side.

I continued to rebound today and even ate steak with vegetables for dinner. It was really good. Sophie taught Mike how to make this excellent sauce for the steak and I enjoyed every bite - even though it was on the spicy side. I miss spicy foods a lot, but I have to tone it down so I don't upset my already-sensitive tummy. Dinner was heaven for sure.

I noticed that my hair is starting to fall out so I probably will schedule another visit with Rhonda this week to trim it down even shorter because I'm starting to shed worse than Riley (my dog). I'm still not looking forward to being bald, but it's coming soon. I told myself today that I should only be bald for five or six months and it's not forever. I'm trying to remain strong. Maybe I should start watching Demi Moore in "GI Jane" or Sigourney Weaver in "Alien" just to get in the spirit of things. Bald is a fashion accessory! I can be ready to go out in minutes and I don't have to spend 10 extra minutes in the shower shampooing and conditioning anymore! At least I have lots of scarves and hats with which to accessorize.

The other patient is home from the hospital as well after his nasty tumble down the stairs Thursday. Dad didn't break or sprain anything, but he's really sore and has crutches to hobble around with. My brother, Michael told me about the trip home from the hospital. Hopefully I can capture the humor of the situation. They wheeled Dad out to Michael's truck and helped him climb inside, but when Dad tried to move his leg inside the truck so Michael could close the door, Dad was in so much pain that he couldn't move his leg. Michael reminded Dad that he didn't break his leg so he should be able to suck up the pain and move it, but Dad insisted that it hurt too much. Then he tried to convince Michael to leave the door open and drive home. From George Washington Hospital. In Washington, DC. Can you imagine Michael driving through rush hour traffic in the city and then on the highway with the car door open? I hate to admit it, but I laughed at the thought of them wheeling through town trying to avoid every parked and double parked car in the city. Thankfully, they got the door closed and drove home safely. However, Michael had a difficult time helping Dad walk up the steps to get into their house. Once inside, Dad headed for the couch and stayed put until Mom came home. I think he's taking Monday off from work to recover. He sounded better on the phone today, but he can't come over to visit until he's walking a bit better and I know he feels terrible about that.

To my other family members: no hospital visits for the next six months, please. I'm serious when I say that only one Erickson, Jandrew, or King at a time. Stay well and keep your eyes down when you take the stairs.

One last thought. I start round two of chemo next Friday. Get your boxing gloves ready; Angela's got some more cancer to fight. I need to eat and rest up this week to be prepared for the next low white count phase because it's probably going to be a little rougher than last time. Ugh.


Ron said...

Woo Hoo! about ya' both. I'm trying to imagine your dad in his situation. Kind of amusing. I'm sure the women reading this are saying "typical man always needs to be babied when he's sick or injured". Hope he gets better though.

Rumor has it that Barb is going to make some of the cookies you asked about. She might also bring a little something extra for Mike to try.

We miss ya' both so much but we'll be around soon!


Anonymous said...

Am hoping those cookies make it to you--they are chock full of calories. :)

Am really glad to hear you are home!


WashingtonGardener said...

I think I can pass on a few lbs - when I first read that headline I was thinking "English pounds" - LOL.

luke said...

I checked out of the hospital yesterday afternoon because my white blood counts finally hit the lottery and won me a ticket home...

best open'n line EVER! i laughed out loud! absolutely brilliant

victory4angela said...

The cookies are excellent and I have so many. I think the Jaycees are going to also be enjoying some cookies in the future because your recipe makes so many.