Friday, April 20, 2007

Ad Nauseaum

I haven't had a chance to blog in the last couple of days because I haven't been feeling too well since Wednesday afternoon. I've been a little nauseous and have been trying to eat and drink, but nothing either stays in me or tastes very good right now. I called NIH just to check my health and they said to stay hydrated and chug sports drinks. When I went for the first of my bi-weekly blood work yesterday, I ended up staying for a saline IV drip because I was a little light-headed and dehydrated. I felt better afterwards, but still not 100%.

Yesterday we went to visit the NIH vendor who provides one free wig to all NIH cancer patients. I got my hair cut the night before and it's short and curly (and kind of cute, if I say so myself) and my new 'do kind of matches what my hair looks like today. I also picked up some hats and scarves too. I almost fell on the floor when she said how much the wig I picked out would normally cost me - $1,1oo! I am so thankful that NIH provides this service for free to me and other patients because it is traumatic enough to go through cancer without worrying about your looks on top of it.

The results of yesterday's lab work were good and my white cell count is fairly high today. I will see what happens on Monday when I return for my next check. I also haven't been running a fever, which is something I have to monitor very closely for the next few months. Unfortunately, I've started feeling the side effects of my daily nupogen shots so my joints are a little sore and tender. The nupogen is used to keep my white cells high, so I guess I won't complain too much about it.

My office delievered a hugh bouquet of mylar balloons this afternoon and I thought my dog Riley was going to faint from fright! I could see the balloons on the front porch through the front door and Riley was staring really hard at them too. When Mike opened the door, Riley crouched really low and started barking at them. Riley doesn't bark at anything! Then Riley ducked behind my legs and hid from the balloons. Mike managed to get them in the house, but Riley won't be going near them! I haven't laughed that hard in a while - thanks, DI!


Anonymous said...

Poor Riley... those mean balloons were just waiting for him on his own front porch! Angela, I will miss you and Riley today at Bark in the Park. Watch for a doggie bag for Riley.

Ron said...

It was fantastic to get to spend some time with you - Angela! You're definitely in the right frame of mind fighting this thing. From what Barb says she had a great time hanging out with Michael. She was ready to start telling stories about his teen years to several of his volleyball pals. Of course people still get a kick that I'm hanging out with you and Barb is hanging out with Michael. It's just one of the cool things about being long time friends with both of you.

Keep your spirits up and your bucket & Michael close by!

Love Ya's!