Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's a beautiful day

Today was a much better day than yesterday. The combination of adavan ("anxiety reliever"), pain killer for the IJ line, and the benadryl before I started chemo knocked me out completely for the entire day. My first drug, rituxin, is a pretty serious one so they kept me at NIH all day to keep an eye of me for fever, chills, or any flu-like symptoms. I drifted in and out of consciousness all day and could not seem to wake up for anything. A Nurse Pracitioner from NIH came up to talk to me because someone at my rock climbing gym told him that someone in the "rock climbing community" had gotten cancer so he came to introduce himself. Wow, I'm a member of the rock climbing community! I'm pretty sure Jeff C. told the person who told me because I don't really know the person who told him - it was pretty amazing nonetheless.

We finally left and came home where I drifted in and out of watching some of my old TV shows on the DVR. I finally gave up fighting the sleep and went to bed around 10pm and sleep really well for the first time in a week. My nerves have been shot since I was first diagnosed and I've been anxious ever since. I woke up at 6am this morning refreshed and ready to go do something.

Mike and I took a walk today and it felt so good to be outside and moving around. I also did a little light housekeeping and Shuk-Kwan and Andy came over this afternoon. Oh, and Mom came over to show Mike his new chore of giving me a shot every day. I was relieved that she didn't cause me as much pain as some nurses did. Now the pressure's on Mike so I guess I should be nice to him!

We headed back to NIH to replace my chemo bag, which was a quick snatch-n-grab type of thing: for you NASCAR fans it would be the equivalent of a pit stop. I head back to "pit road" tomorrow for another replacement. I'll make the trip every day until Monday and then for my final day on Tuesday (this cycle), I will have another long day at NIH because I have to stay for the duration of that day's medication and they have to remove my IJ line until the next cycle. I must remember to beg for pain killers before that experience because I'm still squeamish about all of this stuff.

I hope I'll feel just as good tomorrow and will have a few more good days before I experience any bad days. Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers, gifts, and support. Just knowing that so many people care about me is a tremendous help that will carry me through the next 180 or so days of this treatment.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Hi Zook!

Glad to see you got through the first step intact. I am going to do some research here (land of many, many fine hats) as to good hats for cancer patients and will do some shopping when I am in Jerusalem next week.

Couple requests:
1) Please post your hat size! Find out if you need to get one size larger due to scalp tenderness, etc. If you end up with a gazillion hats--no worry--donate them when you are better.
2) What is your full name and your mother's name? I want to put a note in at the Wall.
3) If you tell me what brand of Christian you are, and if there is a church of your fancy in Jerusalem, I will be happy to stop by and ask the folks there to make some local calls to G-d on your behalf.

Anything else you need from here-just say the word. I will try to call again this week. Don't worry--if you cannot answer/cannot talk, I truly do understand!


WashingtonGardener said...

Glad you had a good day yesterday! You are in my thoughts and prayer -let me know when you are setlled into a schediule/routine and what are good times to then visit. I have a book I think you'll like and sounds like you have lots of waiting-around time to catch up on your reading. Take it eassy this week.

victory4angela said...

I honestly don't know my hat size, but I'll figure it out. Remember, the softer the material, the better. NIH uses a vendor where I can obtain one free wig so I might take them up on that - and she's Orthodox.

My full name: Angela Lynn Erickson Jandrew
My mom's name: Janice
Brand of Christian: Baptist

I'd appreciate any direct consultations with God there in Jerusalem. Everything helps.

I'll give you a call. I've been trying to keep up with everyone.

Jo Sanders said...

My Dear Angela:

I just returned to the office today after being in Calif. & Atlanta, GA, since April 5, and I want you to know that you are in my prayers. In fact, you will be in many prayers this evening, as I am now headed to Bible Study.

Pls. let me know when I can "pay you a visit"!

We miss you here at the office!!

Best regards,


P.S. My daughter, Julie, said to make certain & say hi for her & wants you to know that you are also definitely in her prayers. She knows that prayers work and she thanks you again for praying for her in her time of need ---
As you know, 3 years ago she could not read, write or talk and thx. to everyone's prayers & her positive attitude & fortitude, she is doing great!!