Thursday, April 12, 2007

I have known Angela & Mike for years and they have always been dear friends. They are the most fun loving, rock climbing-ist, bungee jumping-ist, volleyballing-ist, helicopter ride over volcanoe-ist couple I have ever known.

I know that the Lord will heal Angela from this sickness and give Mike strength to be there for his wife. I just want to let you guys know that I and my family are praying for you and will continue to do so until Angela is healed.

Mike and Angela, you know where to reach me when you need me.


victory4angela said...

Sorry Terry, but you're wrong about one thing - I do NOT bungee jump! Mike can get me to climb up a wall but if I can't walk by the balcony on the 22nd floor of the Luxor hotel without feeling light-headed, I am not jumping out of a plane!

Thanks for setting this site up for me. You are an amazing friend to me and Mike. We are truly blessed.

Brian Becker said...

I, too, have had the pleasure of knowing Mike and Angela for years. Before they were Mike and Angela even... As a matter of fact, I may be the reason they're together. Mike was a volleyball playing friend of mine. Angela was a Jaycees friend of mine. Well, I needed some new recruits for the chapter (I was president at the time), and so I coerced/convinced Mike to join in August 1995. He wasn't the most active of members at first. Then in February I told Mike he was going to Jaycees weekend in Salisbury. We had 21 chapter members going that weekend. So, I cleverly carpooled Mike with Angela and Mary Lai. It's funny what a 3 hour trip to Salisbury in winter can do. Since then, we've been to Hawaii and Las Vegas, we've played volleyball, picked up trash, served food to after-prom students, painted pumpkins in every imaginable weather, burned ourselved making funnel cakes, and countless other adventures and mishaps. I've been truly blessed and honored to call Mike and Angela friends. I pray for Angela's recovery and for Mike and Angela's family to be comforted.

mdtek said...

You may not bungee jump now but after all this, you will. I was predicting the future. BTW, bungee jumping is typically off of rocks, not planes but I do admire your thrill seeking desires.... umm, planes. You guys never cease to amaze me, Jandrew crew!!!