Thursday, April 26, 2007

Donate Your Pounds Here!

I see I created quite a stir with my last post so I guess I'm going to have to start the new Donate Your Unwanted Pounds Club. It'll be better than the Red Cross bothering you to donate that pesky blood or WETA asking you to donate to their annual membership drive - you donate something you don't want or don't need so others may benefit. I really only need about 10 pounds back (sorry Sue, you are excluded completely from donating because you're too darn skinny), but just think you could be the ones who save the Hollywood Starlets and stop Lindsay Lohan from wasting away or those "adorable" Olson twins from disappearing completely (hmm, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea?) I see a national trend starting right here!

In other news today, my father called me from...the hospital. It seems he was thinking about me while walking down some stairs, missed a step, stumbled, grabbed the railing, and fell. He was with some people at the time and they tried to grab him, but didn't quite catch him when he fell. He doesn't think he broke anything, but he was taken to the ER at GW Hospital. They tried to send him to SE General in DC, but their ER was full. He's being checked out with x-rays right now and my brother is there with him because Dad doesn't carry his medical insurance card with him (everyone, please carry your insurance card with you) so Michael had to bring it to him since Mom's at work. I told him that there can be only one family member in the hospital at a time, but I guess I should have told him that yesterday. I wonder if they had to hook him up to an IV for the x-ray? I hope not because he hates needles worse than me!

I feel about the same as yesterday, which means I haven't eaten much again. I had jell-0 for lunch and some Gatorade, oh and a vanilla shake. I'm going to try froot loops for dinner tonight since I don't seem to have a problem eating breakfast cereals (they have All Bran on the menu, but I hated that stuff before I went into the hospital so I'm not about to eat it now) or drinking whole milk. Maybe my McDreamy search is really for a Strawberry McShake from McDonalds? I see the truth clearly now.

Today's Irish Team consisted of my young Dr. DunLevey and four female doctors, who Mike says were not much to write home about. However, he continues to prefer the nursing staff. Today's nurse for example, Amanda, is definitely young and cute and talked about her scuba diving certifications and other outdoors-y things she likes to do. Her last day is tomorrow because she's moving across the country to California to get married. I really like her chipped black fingernail polish and how she wears her hair in two pig-tails, kinda like when I was a kid. She is a good nurse and makes good eye candy for Mike!

My counts have continued to rise and the doctor's are hopeful that I may go home tomorrow, but they also said maybe Saturday. It does sound like I will home for sure by Saturday. I don't know if I mentioned that I had a rash when I checked in, but the nurses (go nurses!) thought it might be a delayed reaction to the surgical tape from my IJ line last week. The rash is definitely getting smaller and everyone can see an improvement.

If someone makes Gila's cookies, maybe I can actually eat one when I get home. The recipe sounds delish, I just hope I get over this nauseated feeling soon because I miss eating.


Sophie said...

Hello both of you,

I'm sorry Angela but I only could donate 2 pounds, but if it can help, as soon as you are feeling as eating, I have some French recipes down here. And trust me, two days of French food and you're looking fat (that why I moved to the US, remember ;-)). And if you don't like Gina's cookies or other cuisine, ask Riley, his fating secret :-)
Right now he is sleeping, after having had diner, and he so lazy that he is not even chasing Shelby, Can you imagine ?? Oops I spoke to fast!

Anonymous said...

I cannot provide cookies (again, the distance thing), but did put a package in the mail to Kat today with some scarves and other trinkets. Of course, given that it is starting off its journey with the Israeli postal authority, you should receive it sometime around the time you hair starts growing back!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and at last count, I can donate approximately 30 pounds. Really, I would love to help!


Becky B said...

As much as I would love to give you my extra 30 pounds, I know that's not possible. So here's my advice... try adding some protein powder, or even Carnation instant breakfast, to your milkshakes. When I had my tonsils out last year and couldn't eat anything, that REALLY helped!

And, if you do find an Irish McDreamy, I can give you loads of soccer stuff to talk to him about :-)


Barb said...

I was planning to make Gila's cookies this weekend -- just need to go to the store and get the ingredients I don't have. If they won't work, I'm sure we can find something else to cook up for you!