Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back in the hospital again

Today Angela wasn't feeling well again, but things just seemed a little worse than normal. Around 2PM we decided to take a trip back to NIH for some saline - to rehydrate her. That quick trip turned into a overnight stay (at a minimum). the NIH staff discovered that she had a fever and a temp. of 101.5....NOT GOOD! After some blood work they found that her white blood cell count was REALLY low, which means she is neutropenic. This is common after receiving chemo treatments. However, it also means that she is very vulnerable to germs, infectious diseases, and colds. Thus far we have received good care from the NIH staff and after several liters of saline and some antibiotics she is feeling better and looks forward to a good nights rest. Of course I will be by her side the entire time.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are having a down day. Hope the white blood cells stabilize soon.

A little bit of local news to provide you with some entertainment.... Yom Haatzmaut, Israeli independence day, comes in tonight. I will, of course be celebrating in traditional Israeli style: wandering around Tel Aviv to see the local celebrations, dodging kids who will try to spray me with this bizarre white foaming stuff (it isn't shaving cream and it isn't goo--it is this random substance created for the sole purpose of messing up one's party outfits), dancing a good chunk of the night, collapsing into bed at some obscene hour and getting up tommorow in time to do "al ha aish" (literally, on the fire)--basically lots of meat cooked on a "mangal", or habatchi grill. All of the parks throughout the country , and in fact, anything remotely green and which could theoretically be a park, including highway medians, will be jam-packed with millions of Israelis with their mangals, charcoal, piles of meat, passels of freakily hyperactive Israeli children and plastic containers of gasoline, all desperately fanning plastic container covers at their mangals to get the fire going. I suppose one could use a gas grill, but really, how patriotic is that? Not to mention, try lugging a gas grill to the local highway median.

Incidentally, I not only know how l'mangal (to cook on a mangal), but I actually own one. This was an important step in my development as an Israeli.

Oh--other local news--a Russian-Israeli billionaire (oligarch, whatever) is holding a free giant picnic (mangals and meat are provided; you have to supply your own deranged children) at the park near my house. He is, incidentally, also planning on entering politics. On the one hand, this is clearly a brazen attempt to buy favor and votes and is likely to appeal to the lowest denominator in society. On the other hand, at least he is open about it. All the other politicians just rig the system and engage in secret deals/ bribery/ other scandalous stuff. I really am thinking of voting for him. (Yes, just call me the lowest common denominator). Quite frankly, how much worse can he be than the current geniuses we have in office? This guy is actually quite refreshing....

Okay--now enough entertainment for you. Go get some sleep!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you guys are having such a bad day! The folks at NIH are so wonderful and I know that they are doing their best for Angela!

If you guys need anything let me know!

As always you both are in my prayers!

Katie and the entire Camp Crew!

Blair said...

I talked to Mike a couple hours ago. They're going to be at NIH through at least tomorrow, but Angela is reportedly doing much better.

I'm definitely keeping an eye out for her next update.

Ron said...

Hey I wanted to tell you guys that I was a judge for the Bark in the Park doggy parade. The were many cute and cuddly dogs but one caught my attention. He was a close to Riley's color, lighter in shade, he was the same breed and best of all his name was Riley! He was probably 6 or 7 months old but he didn't have our Riley's gorgeous curls!

C' Ya!