Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All Done with Round One!

Everything went well tonight. We were there about four hours and I ordered dinner while I waited. It's pretty cool - they have an extensive menu that's free for patients. I just pick up the phone and tell the operator what I want and then they deliver it right up to my chair. Tonight I had grilled cheese, potato salad, canned pears, and carrot cake. Yum.

Greg Jasper works at NIH on the 6th floor so he came down to visit me on the 3rd floor while I waited for the end of this round of chemo treatment. I met Greg in the Jaycees and I've known him longer than I've known Mike. Greg works in the lab at NIH and was able to tell me a little bit more about my specific protocol treatment. He had only good things to say about my NIH doctors and said I'm in good hands.

The nurses and my mom were right about removing the IJ line. I didn't even feel it and I'm very glad. I took my glasses off just in case so I wouldn't see anything. We have to return tomorrow because Mike has to receive training on how to give me my next shot, which will control any nausea. He's been really good so far with the other shot, but they are pre-filled shots so he'll need training on how to load up this kind. I'm sure he'll be fine. I also received a "schedule" of when I can expect to hit my low white-blood cell count, which could be as early as next Wednesday. This is the period when I really have to be careful about going out in public and it's when I could become really exhausted. At least I know when to expect it.

I meet with my local oncology doctor on Thursday, Dr. Walmark. He's going to be my local point of contact in case I have any issues and I'll need to visit his office twice a week for blood work, except when I need to start chemo again at NIH. His office is only 10 minutes from my house so it'll be a bit closer thank trekking through rush hour traffic to NIH.

Thanks again for all of the cards and comments to this blog. Please keep them coming.

Angela & Mike


Anonymous said...

It was great talking to you yesterday--sounds like you are holding up well. I will not be calling you every day (I imagine that you are slammed right now) but I am checking your blog all the time--know that I am thinking about you.

Am getting lots of good head covering ideas--hope to have a nice care package out to you in a week or so. :) Am on a mission: sage green to match your eyes.

Also--are you sure you don't need any religious paraphanalia? Lots and lots of it here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angela and Mike!

Today the sun is finally out and you both are in our thoughts.

Your strength and grace with this is truly an inspiration to us all! You both make Pete and I VERY proud!

We send our love,

Pete, Katie, Michael and Madison Camp

Jennifer said...

Angela & Mike,

Angela, first let me introduce myself. I'm a co-worker of Mike's and his Team Leader (Justin) is my fiance. Anyway, Justin told me what has been going on and I just want to send my well wishes to both of you. I have been through a similar situation with my Mom when she had breast cancer. Your chemo treatments sound exactly like what she had with the pack and having it refilled every few days. I'm happy to tell you that 20 years later she is a healthy and vibrant woman! I know that you, too, will get through this and will live to be an inspiration to others as my Mom as been to me.

Mike, I know how hard it is to be in your shoes and please know you have our support in any way. You're both in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

Be well,

Anonymous said...

Angela and Mike,
Congratulations on completing round one! I am so impressed with both of you. You are amazing. I spoke to Melanie Pepper yesterday. You are in her thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

This is Shannon (Neel) Phelps, your third cousin (or something like that) in Oregon. My mom forwarded your blog to me. I have been praying for you, as well as my family. You are an inspiration and it sounds like you and Mike are keeping a sense of humor, which is so important. We will pray for you both and will keep up on your blog. God will get you through this.
Love, Shannon

Fred Campo said...


Just wanted to say hello and tell you that me and my wife have been aware of your status through the folks in your office. I had wanted to tell you that my wife Lucy (who feels and looks great...!)was diagnosed with Lymphoma twelve years ago. While she has undergone many, many rounds of chemo and radiation, she has endure it all well. (She never lost her hair...just got a bit thinner). She is a real "chemo vet" and would be happy to chat with you, if you care. Needless to say that you are in our prayers. Best regards, Fred Campo

Luke said...


I am sooo mad at cancer right now, I'm totally gonna kick its ass. In fact, I punch out people in public who are born under the cancer sign just to show how serious I am!

On the serious side, I think that your wonderful family, hubby-nurse, and vast network of friends will empower you and carry you when you're exhausted. We know your positive attitude and spirituality will aid you through this journey.

We're pray'n for ya and will be getting you some food soon!

Kate and Luke

p.s. Now go kick cancer's ass! YEAH!

Brent said...

Hi Angela and Mike!

The two of you are amazing people and an amazing couple.

Together, you will win!

And we're here for ya'!!!!


Terilynn said...

Hi Angela and Mike!

You are in my thoughts and prayers and yes, I also put you on the prayer list at our families church, it worked so well for my Dad this winter that I know it will work wonders for you also. Whatever I can do I will just let me know! I am amazed but not surprised by your strength and grace, I have always seen it!


victory4angela said...

Luke, you crack me up! BTW, my sign IS cancer! Please don't hate me. :-)

Luke said...

somehow i knew it would be... son of a...! well i guess you'll be exempt, since i'm randomly attacking people in your name. or we can just wait until you're better for me to punch you!

check out the videos on my blog i posted for ya!

we bet your new hair do rocks! some say it kinda looks like this other lady i know. cool dude, hope to see ya sometime! enjoy your DVDs.