Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dr. Wallmart is My Homeboy

Dr. Wallmart (name has been changed) is a godsend. In 2007, Mom wanted me to see him for my lymphoma treatment but since I had already been admitted into NIH, I decided it was easier to just keep going there (and easier on my wallet since the treatments were free and no messy co-pays involved). Mom loves Dr. Wallmart and raves about him all the time. Now that I'm in limbo bouncing around between doctors and hospitals, I've been really stressed with all this thinking, planning, and information gathering. It's a lot of work and I've been going crazy. I've been looking for a hematologist or someone to track my weekly blood draws and it's been just stressful trying to get it all worked out. I had tried on my own to get an appointment with Dr. Wallmart's office, but his scheduling and new patient coordinators hadn't called me back. Mom went to see Dr. Wallmart on my behalf and told him about my new situation and asked if he would see me. He told her that he would work me in his schedule, just tell the scheduling people. When the scheduling person finally called me back, the first appointment available was September 27. I tossed down the gauntlet and told her Dr. Wallmart had said to work me in. Magically, I was able to secure an appointment yesterday (9/7).

I've decided Dr. Wallmart is my homeboy. He is awesome. He's going to help me decide where to go once I get back from MD Anderson and help me map out my game plan. He also said he would track my blood work and help me gather the information I need to make this ominous decision. He knows the Hopkins doctor and will chat with him about his findings. I was really impressed when he called Dr. Wilson at NIH while I was finalizing my next appointment. Dr. Wallmart is ON TOP OF THINGS!! I already feel some of the load lifting from my shoulders. I have a homeboy. A teammate. A cheerleader. He's exactly what I need. Thanks, Mom.

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SK said...

This is great Angela!! Someone unbias that is knowledgeable to help you make the best decision. So glad to hear it!