Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Run

I made it - four miles, baby! I haven't run in at least 2 weeks so I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to keep up, but I did. I walked a couple of times, but I kept up with the group (until the last bit). I had some minor issues: my back's been bothering me and my new water belt kept jiggling around until I moved it to the back and cinched it up. It started raining just as we started to run and apparently some of the ladies in the other groups left - wimps. We are runners: we run in rain, snow, wind, heat, and whatever else mother nature throws at us! Luckily, it stopped raining somewhere along the way and the temperature stayed cool. It turned out to be a perfect running day.
After Prom was last night (at my HS) so I helped out for a couple of hours. Blair and I were nominated to get ice so we found ice machines in the locker rooms. We both commented on being in the locker rooms - I'd never been in a boy's locker room before (must say, the girl's locker room smelled better!) The best part was finding the ice machine in the boy's bathroom, next to the urinals. Ewww - that is just not right! My favorite part about After Prom is seeing how little has changed at my HS since I graduated. It's like taking a trip back in time with the hideous gold and green paint all over the place. After we got all the ice back inside the gym and the soda station ready to go, I left around 12:30am so I could get up get up for my run today.


FirePhrase said...

I now have this vision of the old alma mater being this whackadoodle time capsule. Are the lockers still orange? Is the foreign language suite still there? Is the lunch room still Maalox mint green?

victory4angela said...

I didn't make it around to look at the foreign language suite, but the last time I checked a couple of years ago it was still there. The lunch room is white with green stripes and the doors to the kitchen area are NEON yellow. Ugh! Remember all those bricks people painted? They are still there too. The gym looks exactly the same. Since I'd never been in the locker room, I can't vouch for that but they have pictures of all the old football teams going back to the early 80s in the boys locker room.

FirePhrase said...

I had a locker in the math hall senior year - most awesome location ever, and tricked OUT. I'm still dang proud of that locker. I've got a picture in a box somewhere.