Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Day

My day started with the phone ringing beside my bed at 5:45am. It was Dad asking if I was on the road yet because a tanker truck had overturned on a bridge above I-270 and the highway was shut down. Normally, I get up around 6am and leave around 7:30 but today was different - it was time for my 4 month checkup at NIH. I groaned and told Dad that about my doctor's visit. Unfortunately, to get to NIH I have to go exactly by where that truck was so I got up and started watching tv to try and figure out what was going on. Thankfully, the fire burned out before we left but traffic was being shut down on and off so we made our way down I-270 with thoughts of jumping off to go another way if we had to. On our way to NIH, we passed by the spot and saw that traffic was backed up on the southbound side because the exit was shut down. It was crazy! There were also two other accidents on other nearby roads and I thought for sure that the doctors and other staff who work at NIH would be late.

We managed to get there without too much trouble and I got into phlebotomy pretty quickly. Perul, my favorite phlebotomist drew my blood and I waved to Ronnie and Raj as they went by. I was happily suprised to see that they had finally renovated the area. It looked really nice. Afterwards, we headed over to CT and settled in for a long, long wait. I didn't even know they "served" mochachino barium and it wasn't too bad. I tried to convince the guy next to me who I had recommended it to (over the banana or berry) that if he closed his eyes, we could be at Starbucks. He wasn't buying it but he said it wasn't horrible. I was supposed to be in the CT machine at 9am, but it was closer to 10 before I got in there. My clinic appt was as 11:15 and I managed to make it upstairs by 10:30. Once I settled in, I broke out the chocolate croissant Mike bought for me that morning and pigged out.

I finally made it to the back to see the doctor around 12:45. Nothing like waiting around for hours... Doug examined me and said I looked good. He noted that my white blood count was a little low and he went off to talk to the team to discuss what it could possibly mean. Dr. "McDreamy", my Irish doc, came back in to give me the wonderful news. My scan was clean and there was no sign of a recurrence. He went on to say that all of the other patients in the clinical trial except one were doing as well as me. He did ask that I get another CBC next week to see what's up with my sluggish white blood cells, but he didn't think it was anything to be too concerned with considering that my counts were always a little on the low side.

So, that's my GREAT news. I know I haven't posted in a while so I will try to do better so all of my faithful followers can check up on me. :)

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